10 Countries Where Prostitution is Legal

The oldest profession in the world has long been considered a hateful and favored career choice. The prostitution exists and remains despite prohibitions and its legal status due to reasons such as poverty or unforeseen situations. Some countries decide to permanently ban the practice, while other countries have tried to regulate the constitution and offer health and social benefits to s@x workers.

Here are some of the countries where the constitution is legal.

1. New Zealand

The prostitution has been punishable by kiwis since 2003. There are even licensed brothels that operate under public health and work laws, meaning that workers, like other workers, receive social benefits. A progressive move.

2. Australia

The legal status of the constitution in Oz varies from state to state. It is decriminalized in some areas and illegal in different parts. The same applies to brothel ownership. The Aussies love their fun, I guess.

3. Austria

Prostitution is a crime in Austria. Prostitutes should register, have regular health checkups, be at least 19 years old and pay taxes. Nevertheless, there is a lot of smuggling and forced labor here.

4. Bangladesh

Male prostitution is illegal, however, the whole thing else is legal. Bangladesh has a serious little trouble with human trafficking that is accompanied by corruption. Pimps and brothel-owners are additionally legal.

5. Belgium

They tried to eliminate the stigma, violence and fear-related with the Prostitution by not only legalizing it however additionally operating it with state-of-the-art brothels using fingerprint technology and key cards!

6. Brazil

Prostitution itself is legal here, although you’ll go bankrupt if you channel your inner Snoop Dogg and set off for glory.

7. Denmark

Prostitution is legal here. The government even helps people with disabilities by incurring more costs that some of them have to pay.

8. France

Prostitution is legal in France, although public recruitment is still prohibited. Pimps are illegal and brothels were banned in France in 1946, right after the war.

9. Germany 

The prostitution was legalized here in 1927 and there are perfect state brothels. Employees are covered by health insurance, have to pay taxes and even receive social benefits such as pensions.

10. Netherlands

Prostitution, one of the most famous places for its red-window sex workers, is of course legal here, as are many other things. They always had a more open way of dealing with things that are considered taboo elsewhere.

Countries Where Prostitution is Legal

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