101 Reasons Why You Need to Embrace Live Chat

It is a common way for businesses at this digital age to use Embrace Live Chat software for customer communication and engagement. But live chats aren’t just for business, as they are a powerful platforms to get in touch with people, offer support, discounts and generally a pleasant customer experience.

It is an innovative and creative way to deliver quick support and improve customer services. But there is an uncertainty how initiating live chats through desktop or mobile affects the conversion and customer engagement.

Desktop Has a Higher Chance of Purchasing

There is a lot of evidence that sales initiated through a live chat session with desktop users are more likely to result in a successful purchase at an average of 14% at a time. For comparison, chats with mobile users lead to an average conversion of 7%. This shows a significant amount of difference, with desktop users being twice as likely to purchase than mobile users over a live chat session.

Chat Engagement In Desktop is Slightly Higher than Mobile

As stated before, desktop users are twice as likely to purchase compared to mobile users when approached through live chat. Sales still depend on how engaging the chat sessions are through these two different platforms.The chat engagement between the representative and the customer on average is at 1.7%, while on mobile it falls to 1.4% in chat engagement.

Mobile Users Are More Likely to Initiate Conversion

While desktop users seem to be getting on the positive side of purchases and chat engagement, however, WebsiteBuilder.com points out that mobile chatters are 6.1 times more likely to conduct a successful purchase than those who avoid chat. When compared, desktop chatters are only 4.6 times more likely to have a conversion than desktop non-chatters.

Returning Visitors are Higher for Desktop Users

WebsiteBuilder.org shows that returning visitors who are more likely to convert again has a higher percentage for desktop users as they achieve at 25% average rate of customers coming back, while mobile visitors have a 21% on average of returning customers making mobile with 4% fewer returning visitors.

Mobile Users Are More Welcoming to Accepting Proactive Live Chat Invitations

When businesses send out proactive live chat invites, desktop users are less likely to accept the invite than mobile visitors: 6.2% against 7.3% in favor of mobile users.

Embrace Live Chat



Though it may seem that desktop users are leading the probabilities of converting, both desktop and mobile live chats have their own perks and disadvantages.

We can conclude that, while desktop users are more likely to purchase, have higher live chat engagement, and higher returning visitors, mobile users have a higher chance in initiating conversion and are more accepting to proactive chat invitations.

Why You Need to Embrace Live Chat Software

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