5 Amazing Car Gadgets Below $200

Going on a road trip (or even driving from your home to work and vice versa) can be more comfortable with several Amazing Car Gadgets and accessories on board. With up to date car gadgets, you can listen to some music using wireless technology while you get stuck in traffic, take calls without holding your phone, watch videos, and many more.

However, most cool car gadgets are usually expensive – not to mention, they may be quite difficult to install, so you may have to shell out additional expenses for the installation itself.

Luckily, because of rapid innovation and stiff competition in the tech industry, there are a lot more affordable choices of car gadgets in the market today which costs only $200 or below.

1. Bluetooth Car Kit

If you’re driving an old car model, chances are, it is not yet equipped with a Bluetooth feature. Without Bluetooth, you cannot enjoy wireless calls and music while you are driving. However, there’s still hope! Bluetooth Car Kits in Amazon sells for as low as $10 – this small gadget only needs to be plugged into your car, and you can then enjoy wireless calls and music. Some models also come with a USB port, which could come in handy if ever you need to charge your smartphone in the car.

Amazing Car Gadgets
5 Amazing Car Gadgets Below $200

2. Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Using GPS and streaming music or videos while you are stuck in traffic is much more convenient when you use a pocket LTE Mobile WiFi. So why not transform your car into a mobile hotspot and never worry about staying connected wherever you go.

You can opt to get a monthly mobile WiFi subscription from Verizon for $200 (no contract). However, you have to pay an additional $50 each month to get 4GB worth of data. If you want to get this Mobile WiFi device at a lower price, you can get it from Verizon for only $50 each month, but you need to be under contract for a minimum subscription duration of 2 years.


3. Dashcams

Aside from car gadgets or accessories that provide entertainment and comfort when you drive, another type of gadget you should consider should be those that can add road security and safety during your trips. The most basic are dashcams.

Aside from providing an additional view of the road you are driving in, it also comes in handy whenever you get involved in an accident because of its recording capability. You don’t also have to worry about turning a dashcam on or off, it can automatically go on when you start your engine – then turn off when you shut the car off.

There are a range of decent dashcams in Amazon which starts at $63 and up. However, if you want to go the extra mile in terms of car security features, you can opt to get your car installed with the Mobileye. This does comes at a price though – their device starts at around $800 and you need to shell out another few hundreds of dollars for the installation itself.

However, the Mobileye is a more artificially-intelligent dashcam – it is capable of estimating car to car distances, provide warning signals, and can advise drivers to avoid a highly-congested area. If you want to invest heavily on car security, the Mobileye system is right for you.


4. Radar Detector

Overspeeding is definitely a no-no, but there are a lot of times when you might have been unconsciously doing this because you are in a hurry, or that you did not know that the certain area has a speed limit.

To avoid getting caught up in a speeding violation, you might as well invest in a good radar detector that can help alert you when an area is implementing a certain speed limit. The Escort PASSPORT S55 Radar Detector is available in Amazon for just $139. There are also more affordable choices of this gadget which range from $30 up to around $500.

5. Tire Pressure System

Checking your tires manually everyday could take some of your precious time – and you might even forget to do it on days when you are in a hurry. So to make this routinary check easier and hassle free, you can install a Tire Pressure System on your car which can automatically check each of your tire’s temperature and pressure through a digital display.

This helps you determine if there are possible or impending problems with any of your tires before you set off towards the road. Tire Pressure Systems can range from $60 to around $400 depending on the brand, the Carchet brand for one is priced at a modest $90.


If you are still having doubts as to what type of car gadget you should get, you must make up your mind fast while the Holiday season is near – or else you may miss out on good bargains and deals.

Amazing Car Gadgets Need To Buy

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