5 Best Trojan Remover Software

There are countless threats online. Each threat will trick you into letting them on your computer. Viruses and malware often find it difficult to penetrate a machine. However, it is easy to deceive people into downloading, clicking, or visiting malicious websites and online objects. Hackers are getting more and more creative in misguiding users. One such example is the Trojan horse.

What is a Trojan Horse?

For history buffs, the name Trojan horse is quite familiar. The term is derived from the wooden horse used by Ancient Greeks to defeat Troy. It was given as a supposed gift to an impenetrable city. However, the wooden horse was filled with Greek soldiers who penetrated the defenses of Troy. This led to the city’s epic downfall.

Best Trojan Remover Software
5 Best Trojan Remover Software

A Trojan horse, or Trojan virus, does something similar. Your computer is typically protected from outside threats. The operating system, security suite, and third-party antivirus work together to create layered protection. However, users can override such protections that allow threats to be downloaded.

Trojans are often spread by misleading users. They may pretend to be email attachments, legitimate apps, or even document files. It begins to weaken your system once it is activated by you.

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Types of Trojan Virus

There are a lot of Trojan viruses around. Each has its own unique signature and intent. Here are some examples.


Backdoor Trojan creates a “backdoor” connection from your computer to a hacker. The infected computer can then be controlled remotely. The hacker can send, receive, and even delete data.

It collects important information as well. Additionally, hackers can launch programs on the computer. Backdoor Trojan is typically used to control a group of computers as a zombie network. The computing power of the zombie network can be used for illegal activities.


A Trojan-Dropper has a very simple task. Hackers use it to install other Trojans and other malicious applications on the computer.

It can even prevent security programs from detecting malicious activities on the computer. Hackers often extend the capabilities of Trojan-Dropper once it gains access to your machine.


Trojan-Spy is often quiet on your computer. It avoids notice by having a small footprint. Some advanced Trojan-Spy also avoids detection by antiviruses and anti-malware. It can monitor activities on your computer once activated.

It can record keystrokes on your keyboard which makes sensitive information vulnerable. Hackers can also take screenshots or download sensitive data.


Ransomware is becoming a serious concern since the high profile attacks in the last few years. It gains access to your computer through Trojan-Ransom. It takes advantage of the user’s carelessness. After it downloads, it can activate the ransomware. It may lock your screen or worse encrypt your data.

Best Trojan Remover Tools

There are several options around to protect your system. Each security suite protects your machine in their unique ways. We list the best Trojan remover tools below.

1. MalwareFox


MalwareFox is excellent, overall security protection for your computer. It protects your PC not only from Trojan viruses but from most threats as well. Unlike some of the programs in this list, it has real-time protection.

It prevents Trojans from ever touching your system. In case you suspect of infection, MalwareFox can scan your system quickly.

The majority of Trojan attacks happen while browsing. That is why MalwareFox protects you from malicious websites, annoying ads, toolbars, and adware.

Running it is not a burden to your system as it uses minimal computing resources. It analyzes suspicious files each time you download one on your system. Through this, it protects your computer from new, unknown threats.

2. Malwarebytes


Malwarebytes offers robust features in protecting your system. It is easy to use even by beginners. The premium version employs real-time protection against threats.

However, Malwarebytes is more popular as a secondary security tool. It runs alongside your primary security suite.

You can do an initial scan right after installation. It roots out malicious software including Trojan horse.

3. Immunet


Immunet is one of the best free antivirus programs. It uses the cloud to keep its database updated. That means it needs to have a constant connection to the Internet. The antivirus application is community-driven as well.

It collects information from computers with Immunet installed in them. It aggregates the data it collects to update and make its protection stronger.

Immunet provides intelligent scanning of Trojans, bots, worms, and spyware. You don’t need to worry about updating it because it connects to the Internet all the time. Immunet is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

The only problem during scanning is it cannot detect viruses on USB drivers. Moreover, it doesn’t scan email databases. You also cannot schedule scanning, too. Offline protection is also unavailable.

Being free means the company supports itself through advertisements. It is generally unnoticeable but there are times that large banners appear.

4. Spyhunter


SpyHunter is a highly effective malware remediation tool. It is a secondary solution just like some of the tools in this list. It efficiently detects and removes malicious threats including Trojan viruses. Spyhunter deeply removes rootkits which ransomware, malware, and Trojans use to take root on your PC. However, take note that Spyhunter brings a lot of ads to your machine. Sometimes, it may affect other applications as it uses quite a bit of your computer’s resources.

5. SUPER Antispyware

SUPER Antispyware

SUPER Antispyware is a good Trojan remover tool. You can use it as a special tool to thoroughly clean your computer. Some users even report that it was able to remove potent varieties of Trojan such as Zlob.

Aside from scanning your system, its System Investigator tool allows you to see the programs running on your system. You can use it to manually target and check files and processes to see if a Trojan is infecting it.

The SUPERDelete tool helps you delete any files which might be infected by malware. SUPER Antispyware also sends samples of the detected malware to its servers.

It analyzes the threats its encounters and updates its database. After scanning, the security tool can help you fix your registry in case of malware damages it.

Final Thoughts

Trojan viruses are one of the classic threats around. However, it has evolved to track users while they are using the Internet. It employs social engineering to avoid raising common red flags.

It is important to have primary protection for your real-time security. Additionally, you must have a secondary tool in case your main anti-Trojan tool does not work. Cleaning your system may need another program aside from those installed on your system.


Best Trojan Remover Software

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