6 Ways To Prevent Unnecessary Phone Data Usage

Gone are the days when phone plans were all about the number of text messages and call minutes used, and the data was unlimited. Today, it is the opposite.

When plan carriers realized that people wanted data, there was a sudden shift from providing unlimited data to providing unlimited texts and minutes, with data caps.

Most  internet package providers claim that this is all about managing the network.

Although the situation today is better than several years ago, carriers do offer some sort of unlimited plans now. This means that unlimited plans don’t necessarily mean limitless – you could be burdened with speed throttling, hidden limits, or unexpected charges if you aren’t careful enough.

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As such, every byte should be accounted for. If not, you will find yourself having your internet connection speed throttled or being overcharged.

Unnecessary Phone Data Usage
6 Ways To Prevent Unnecessary Phone Data Usage

Here’s how you can reduce and prevent unnecessary data usage.


1. Use Available Wi-Fi

Although there are some Wi-Fi hotspots requiring you to accept terms and conditions so you can connect, many don’t. After the first time you connect, your smartphone will now automatically connect to Wi-Fi whenever you come within range.

You should make it a habit to check if there is available Wi-Fi you can use whenever you visit a new location. If you do so, you can enjoy a substantial drop in your cellular data usage.

2. Set Data Limits and Alerts

There are third-party apps like My Data Manager that you can use to monitor your data usage. These apps will also allow you to set alarms if you have exceeded a particular amount of data in a month.

Using the mobile apps of your carrier is also a good option. How your carrier is accounting for your data usage may be different from how third-party apps do it. As such, it is recommended that you keep track of your data usage in your carrier’s apps for more accurate information.


3. Limit the Background Data

One of the biggest drains on data allotment is background data. In fact, you may not even realize that it is happening. For instance, your phone could be downloading new app updates automatically, or your email regularly checks with its servers for new messages. Is this really necessary? See if it can wait until you have a Wi-Fi connection.

So it is crucial to check what is using up your limited cellular data and then make all the necessary changes. By doing so, you may also increase your device’s battery life since fewer applications will be using it.

4. Take Maps Offline

Navigation apps can largely drain your data as well. If you need to find a new restaurant or you are navigating a new city, better download the map upfront instead of going online each time you need to check something.

You can also load up the map ahead of time, especially when you are using iOS. Apple Maps’ cache can remember the map even without a data connection. Another option is for you to export the maps as PDFs so you can print them out.


5. Use Streaming Services That Offer Offline Options

Videos can significantly drain your data. So if you Like streaming a lot of YouTube content, look for ways to save videos on your device instead. This way, you can watch the downloaded videos without a data connection.

If you also love listening to music while you are on the go, you can create a playlist for listening offline. However, you must have enough space to store them.

6. Change Your Browsing Habits

It is better to browse the mobile version of the site on your mobile device, so you must avoid using its desktop version if possible. Even though it may take up a certain amount of your phone storage, the browser cache is a great thing.

Preserving the cache will prevent you from downloading the images from the website you often visit each time you check them out.


Since unlimited data plans are now considered an endangered species, you must always watch your limits to avoid finding high extra charges on your bill. It’s a good thing you can easily monitor what apps are frequently using up your mobile data. Always remember to set your mobile data usage limit and turn off the data connection when not in use.


Ways To Prevent Unnecessary Phone Data Usage

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