7 Easy Steps How to Overcome Your Travel Fears

Are you into reading travel blogs? If yes, you would usually end up reading an amazing blog about an exciting travel destination. But I always look for something different. Something that provides a different experience. Something that enlightens about a rare problem. With these things in mind, I found out a section in certain travel blogs where people talk about their growing travel fears. And how they have clawed them into never setting out traveling.

Personally, I believe, traveling is one of the healthiest hobbies a person can have. Traveling provides escape, enlightenment, entertainment, exposure, freedom, and so much more. And if someone is depriving themselves of this incredible experience, they are really wronging themselves. Compare traveling with the amenity of the internet.

Would you let go of one of your Cox bundles for anything? The internet brings you entertainment, fun, smooth communication and a lot more. Same is the case with traveling. You shouldn’t let go of it for anything. Because nothing really equates the experience that traveling provides. Read on to find helpful tips on overcoming all your travel fears.

If you are someone who is scared of taking the plunge but really wants to go traveling, you are in the right place. Some of the common travel fears are fear of flying, fear of not being able to afford, fear of jeopardizing their and their family’s safety, fear of alien lands and cultures, and so on. Know that they are really unnecessary. And you are only holding yourself back from experiencing the beautiful world.

7 Useful Tips to Overcome All Your Travel Fears

Nervous? Use the following tips to overcome your traveling fears:

  1. Creating a Budget
  2. Fill Out the Calendar
  3. You Have Come This Far
  4. Look Around, Everyone Travels
  5. Get Upgrades
  6. You will Have a Job When You Come Back Home
  7. Realize That This Fear Is Preventing You from Living Fully

Let’s talk about it.

1. Creating a Budget

One of the biggest fears that hold people back from traveling is the fear of not affording. Finances are a problem for most of the people out there. This fear is pretty understandable but not as big to hold you from traveling for a lifetime. Creating a budget is a great idea. It is the right solution. You don’t have to necessarily spend $200 per night on a hotel room or a $30 on every meal.

Similarly, look up affordable flights and wait to book them when best fares are available. The rule of thumb is to wait for around 30 days for domestic and 60 days for international flights to get the best fares. There are apps such as CouchSurf, which will help you find hostel stays, homestays, budget hotels, and so on. You can even bid on the rooms. For meals, you can dine on the street food. Or, you can go for an accommodation that offers the facility of a kitchen. You can grocery shop and then cook your meals.

For the experiences, have some free walk tours. Many cities and countries offer them now. Go for excursions with a guide for the things that you really want to experience. Google Maps and similar apps can help you with exploring your favorite destinations. Some of the most economical destinations with dollars in hand are Ecuador, Ghana, Bolivia, Peru, South East Asia, and so on.

2. Fill Out the Calendar

Getting away from work is another significant fear that inhibits people from traveling. There will always be ongoing projects, deadlines, and important emails scheduled. Just take a deep breath and then make yourself realize that the world is never going to stop. You will always be bombarded with deadlines and urgent tasks, both official and domestic.

Going away for a week will not do any harm. Filling out your calendar is a great strategy. Do it for several upcoming weeks. And then, figure out which are the best dates for you to travel. It will help you stop fretting and fidgeting about not getting things of prime importance done in time. Schedule everything. It will save you from all the worry.

3. You Have Come This Far

Yes, you have really come this far! You have already scheduled your work and created a budget. You have virtually set one foot out of the door already. So, motivate yourself a little more. Get yourself excited. Think of the great things, which you are going to explore. Look them up online and read what people have to say about experiencing them.

Think about how you will have cherish-able travel memories when you’re older. You don’t want to regret missing this opportunity. You need to go for it to break your fear. Challenge yourself. Everything will work out. Just don’t turn back halfway. Do it! You can do it!

overcome travel fear

4. Look Around, Everyone Travels

Most of the people, if not all, go traveling. Ask people around you about their traveling experiences. I’m sure they would have tons of stories to share. You would find it comforting. They have undertaken the tours, managed finances, and are doing good in their lives. They are just like you. you see an 18-year old guy from France roaming in your city and if he can reach back home in on piece, why can’t you! If they can do it, you can too!

5. Get Upgrades

If your traveling fears do not include affordability, we would suggest getting upgrades. Especially, if you have fear of flying. There are actually a lot of people who have fear of flying. And that hinders them from traveling. Therefore, upgrade to first class or business class and sleep peacefully as long as you continue to fly under those fluffy duvets. You will achieve emotional comfort and will feel safer while sleeping.

6. You will have a Job When You Come Back Home

Some people worry about becoming jobless if they go overseas. They really stop themselves from taking longer tours because they believe these gaps in the resume would prevent people from hiring them. These are all your perceptions. In reality, you should know that exposure to foreign cultures and traveling experiences make your resume stronger in this globalized world. It is actually an asset. Because traveling implies you are capable, good at learning new things, courageous, and independent.

7. Realize That This Fear Is Preventing You from Living Fully

You really need to think about it. If you dream about traveling but your baseless fears are holding you back, you are missing out on a lot! Don’t stop yourself from living fully. These travel fears remind me of the 27-year old woman Cassie De Pecol who made a record by traveling to every country in the world. How can you deprive yourself of visiting at least a few countries? A life without exploring the world would be a waste.

Isn’t that enough motivation? Browse the famous booking.com or TripAdvisor with your Comcast Double Play and book your long-awaited travel escapade. Happy traveling!

Overcome Your Travel Fears

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