8 Step to Make and Establish Your Writing Business

Although the idea of the establishment a freelance writing business can be overwhelming and frightening, it is worth taking the first step to leave behind any hesitations and start bringing it to life.

However, there is no perfect plan that is suitable for everybody, so you should generate your own strategy that will work fine for you. We will try to assist you with this and offer eight basic steps that should be made at the first stage of your Business Plan.


Step One: Publish Your First Blog Post on a Free Platform

If writing is your cup of tea, you can publish your first article right away. Hopefully, there are a lot of free platforms on the Internet that allow people, who have something to say to the world, share their thoughts. It is also a good way for freelance writers to start their business.

Just sign up with BlogSpot, WordPress or any other free platform for blogging and create your first post. It should not be very long. Make it 400-600 words long and write on some actualized topic. That is an excellent start, and you should not worry if it is not perfect. Let’s say that you have left some room for improvement. đŸ™‚

writing business

Step Two: Choose a Niche and Generate Three Ideas for Articles

Writing is a creative job, so inspiration is as important as skills. It means you should focus on the sphere that you are passionate about. Such a strategy has several advantages:

  • You will be motivated to make research, read a lot about topics in a niche, follow the changes and updates in the field, and deepen your knowledge on the subject in general;
  • Your works will be of better quality, as you will soon become an expert in your niche;
  • You will engage more readers, and the passion about what you write will be transmitted to them; your keenness can become theirs;
  • You will be enthusiastic about your work, as you will treat it more like a hobby than a duty.

The definite niche narrows down the number of potential jobs. Now you can tell which job openings are worth your attention and which of them are a waste of time for you.

Step Three: Find Blogs that Pay for Posts

Nowadays, there are a lot of websites and blogs that hire freelance writes to create content. Make a little research and compose a list of blogs that pay for writing and work in the field you are interested in. Then, apply to them.

This is an excellent opportunity to earn some money, gain valuable writing experience, and acquire a good portfolio.


Step Four: Monitor Job Boards for Suitable Position

There are a lot of job boards on the Internet, and they are very useful when you want to understand the demand for writers. Most popular among them are essay writers that help students to cope with the flow of tasks at college or university. However, there are companies that look for professional freelance writers to add content to blogs on their websites. Bookmark job offers that appeal to you and sends your CV and portfolio to companies that place them.

freelance writing business

Step Five: Find Five Potential Clients within Your Local Bossiness Directory

Google provides a database of the business that is in your area. Look through it to find companies that meet your requirements. Bookmark those connected to content management or those that are related to your field of interest.


Step Six: Offer Your Services to Local Business

You can take this step as soon as you finish the fifth one. That gives you a number of shortlisted companies that most probably will be interested in your services.

You can also skip the fifth step and email all the business near you, asking if they need a freelance writer. It is a good idea to attach your portfolio to prove you have enough experience and skills.

This step is time-consuming but resultative: you may find a client within several weeks.

Writing Business

Step Seven: Write a Post in Social Network Offering Writing Services

Do not be shy and write a post on Facebook or another social network, mentioning that you have started a writing business. Ask if anybody needs writing help and offer your services. It is likely that your friends need this kind of help. If not them, then it can be their friends who are interested in hiring a freelance writer.


Step Eight: Create the Logo of Your Business

The logo is an important thing if you want to convert your idea of a writing business into a real company. Find a designer who can create a logo for you. Once it is done, attach it to emails your write to potential clients. It will make your offer more serious and trustworthy in their eyes.

Steps to Establish Writing Business

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