What is Alpari Cashback Offer?

Alpari Cashback Offer is a unique service within the Forex industry, where you can earn points that can be exchanged for cash or used to improve your trading and investment conditions.

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Earn Points!

Trade, invest, open and fund an account – even the most commonplace activities will reward you with bonus points from Alpari!

Alpari Cashback Offer

Get Better Trading Conditions!

The currency of your bonus account is Alps (ALP). You can exchange Alps for cash or use them to buy discount packages to improve your trading and investment conditions, and get refunds on the spread, commission on making deposits, transfers.

Receive Money Back!

The Alpari Cashback program offers you the unique opportunity to exchange points to cash for use in your trading and investment or for withdrawal.

You can also exchange points for funds to trade binary options; a simple and easy to use financial instrument which allows you to earn up to 100% of your investment in just a single minute.


Would You Like to Earn Using Your Own Knowledge?

There are always traders and investors out there who would like to share their practical experience with novices and like minded people.

These experiences may be mistakes, the path to finding one’s own trading strategy, ups and downs, unexpected decisions or one’s observations on what affects price movements on the Alpari financial markets.

Alpari Cashback offer

Would You Like Your Ideas to Bring You Income?

Do you have an interesting idea about the Forex market’s development or your own financial theory?

If so, this can be converted into an imporvement of your working conditions for trading Forex or for cash! Let your ideas work for you!

Receive up to 15,000 Bonus Points Per Article

You can write an article on whatever subject you like and receive 10,000 bonus points and you can compete in our contest for best article on a specific topic for each month and earn 15,000 points!

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How Does It Work?

  1. Write an article on the Forex market and the specific features of working on it and send the article toshare@alpari.com by e-mail.
  2. Articles which have passed through moderation will be placed on Alpari’s site in the Articles about Forex section.
  3. Alpari is giving authors points which can be exchanged for cash or spent on improving trading and investment conditions with the company.


  • The content of the article should be your own work and unique; it should not be published elsewhere on the internet or in any other form. We recommend writing 2,000 – 5,000 characters.
  • The subject of the e-mail containing your article should be “Article about Forex” or, in case the article is written for the topic of the month, the name of the topic.
  • The e-mail should contain your myAlpari number. The bonus point will be transferred to the account in your myAlpari if the article is published on the website.
  • Articles sent are considered within one week of being received. If the article successfully passes our moderation process, the company will contact the author via the e-mail from which the article was sent.
  • The author of the best article for the topic of the month receives 15,000 ALP. The authors of other articles that pass moderation and are placed on the site receive 10,000 ALP.
  • The company retains the right to withhold the reasons for why one or another article was not published on the website, in addition to decline to respond to repeat letters from authors whose articles were not published.
  • After the article is published, its intellectual property rights are transferred to Alpari in accordance with the Copyright Regulations.
  • The author’s written style should be their own. The author’s standpoint can differ from that of the company.
  • Articles should not be an analytical review of the situation on the financial markets, nor should they contain forecasts.
  • Articles should not have political motivations, nor show political bias.
  • Articles should not contain any obscenities, profanities or allusions to such, offensive language of any kind whether it be connected to race, nationality, language or religion, nor should the review incite class or racial discrimination.
  • Articles should not guarantee or promise any profit.

What is Alpari Cashback Offer?


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