Battle of the Smartphone Camera Heats Up

A smartphone camera is one of the most important aspect of today’s consumers who are buying a new phone. When we buy a smartphone, most of us are always looking for the best camera performance. It is no more the megapixels of a camera that make a picture look stunning, today it is more about OIS, Dual lens and portrait mode.

There are a lot of options available and consumers often get confused. In this infographic, you will get to know what a particular phone is known for.

Smartphone Camera
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If you are someone who loves capturing pictures and also loves the apple operating system then you should for sure get yourself the Apple iPhone 8, the iphone has got everything required for a perfect click. As a new feature, all the pictures clicked by iphone are clicked in HDR mode also known as High Dynamic Range.

The iphone captures colors like no other, you can clearly see the vibrancy in the pictures. For people who like the flexibility of android merged with awesome post processing, Google Pixel is your perfect choice. As a rule of thumb, when a camera has lower aperture, you tend to get better pictures as it simply means your camera shall absorb more light.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is another competitor which is probably the best that can capture photos in low light. The phone captures pictures which have a balance of noise and colors in the pictures clicked.

There is a tough competition in dual lens smartphones. If you are someone who loves to click DSLR like photos that are often called portrait mode pictures, you should go for iPhone 8 plus.

When it comes to DxO score, Google Pixel 2 has the best score which exceeds all others. It has perfect balance of images and videography. There are many who work on the detailing part of a captured image.

For such people, HTC U11 will works like a charm. Dual lens will soon become a standard as it gives the user freedom to choose parameters like focal length and aperture size. The latest offering by Huawei, Mate 10 Pro is a great phone that does great job at capturing still images and does all of it by the dual lens.

In the end, it all depends on you if you want a better image or a phone that captures nice videos. There is a phone to cater every need of yours.


Battle of the Smartphone Camera Heats Up [Infographic]

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