ABSTRACT: This article is written in order to make people understand and learn about these types of new technologies which determines the statistics of our physical activities (fitness trackers). Besides learning about the fitness tracker we will also discuss its benefits for us that how a fitness tracker is beneficial for us with respect to our health and other physical activities.

INTRODUCTION: A fitness tracker is of different kinds. The most advanced version of fitness tracker was introduced from a few years ago from now and was greatly spread in all over the technological market due to its unique features especially that it is super portable that it can even wearable on a human wrist as a watch. Instead of a fitness tracker, it also reflects a look of a smart wristwatch by which the individuals get a touch of both a fitness tracker of their physical activities and a watch for their time management.

In today’s life, a fitness tracker is also called an activity tracker. Before gathering an information about the benefits gain by a fitness tracker it is to be known to you that it would be good that if we discuss a little about an actual fitness tracker because if we are understanding the main idea of this device so only in that way our minds will be clear in order to understand the benefits of it.

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As we discussed before that a fitness track is also known as an activity tracker, so in this term what it relates us to activity? These activities are concerned with our physical conditions such as heartbeat, calorie burner, walking also known as a pedometer, running and many more factors related to our health. With all that the main thing is that is a super wearable computer which is one of the main attractions of a customer or those who are in need of this device.

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Fitness trackers are insane. They are available in different shapes, structures, and sizes. Most of them are portable that means some of them are structured as a wearable device, with the same concept there is some waterproof fitness tracker which are a bit expensive than the regular one while are some inbuilt in a smartphone which is later on operated by an application or other software.


Fitness trackers are built from a unique concept in the past related to biotechnological items. For example, in early times there were heart rate monitors and other medical equipment which were helpful in that time in determining the present physical status of a patient, with that concept and more advanced growing technology of today’s world, a fitness tracker was introduced including all that features which were present in the rooms by which the physical activities were determined at that time.


There are a lot of benefits of a fitness tracker as we all know that instead of an activity tracker it is also a wearable computer, so it has good benefits in different ways and those are:


Individuals who are overweight always have the curiosity to see themselves as a slim fit personality and look smarter than others. For them, a fitness tracker is an excellent equipment which does not only helps them to reduce their weight but also ensures them they are taking the best diet recommended from the application generated by the experts.


In those applications, there are different programs which according to the fitness of the individual selected to lose weight. In another case there is an extreme opportunity for the marketers to jailbreak their products in those regions of the world there is a great demand if this type of devices. These devices with respect to fitness are more purchased after winter season because it is a fact that people are supposed to consume more food and gain more weight during the winter season and during the summer they have the opportunity to reduce weight.


One of the greatest benefits of an activity tracker is that it is a personal activity determiner of an individual in which a person no more has to visit a physician about the physical status of himself as well as the guidance to retain their fitness is provided by the several different types of application available in that device.

In short, a person can determine its physical status whenever and wherever he or she wants.


Some of the beginners who have started using of a fitness tracker are tired after a specific period of time because of hard work and time management required in order to retain their fitness and the final decision by them could be the retiring of the tracker but at the same time the displays inside this device motivates them again and again by showing the best physique body shapes which an individual desires to look like, so in this case it is also a motivational tool.

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In some cases, it could be said that a fitness tracker is a great achievement for any individual because everyone is not just buying a fitness tracker to remain fit but they expect something more which is fulfilled by a computer or smartphone capable technologies present in that device.

Above were t]some of the main benefits of a fitness tracker that why and what are the factors which tend the people to buy the fitness tracker as in other ways they can be aware of their physical status by the help of physicians too. This all makes a fitness tracker more precious as well as prominent for the buyers.


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