The Best Gadget Of 2018 Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung regained the public trust after the Note 7 by introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It has not only made the public forget about the Note 7 debacle but also made a name for itself as the best gadget of 2018. Here’s why.

Edge-to-Edge Greatness

Samsung had a lot to prove coming off of the Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy Note 8 accomplished this and more. It not only stands out in the smartphone market but also raises the level of Samsung smartphones as a whole.

It is a completely new phone from top to bottom with its edge-to-edge screen, great camera, and an S-pen that not only works well but is essential to making the Galaxy note essential for productivity.

The 6.3-inch glass display is the perfect canvas for the creations made by the S-Pen. The phone is quite large, making it feel like a mini-tablet with the borderless display. The size is not for everyone. But for those in the market for a premium smartphone running Android Oreo that encourages productivity, the Galaxy Note 8 is it.

Pros and Minor Cons

The Galaxy Note 8 is water-resistant, though it has its limits. The device is able to withstand water damage for 30 minutes in up to 5 feet of water. On the side of minor cons, Samsung doesn’t put its best foot forward when it comes to audio, in part because the Galaxy Note 8 does not have dual speakers. However, the bottom speaker does produce decent sound.

Because the Note 8 lacks a physical home button, the best way to unlock your phone comes via the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. In previous iterations, it was much closer to the camera flash. But Samsung moved the sensor slightly so unlocking the phone is easier by still needs room for improvement.

The S-Pen is also present on this phone. It features a button on the side that releases the stylus. Don’t be afraid you’ll lose it once it is released, either. An alarm goes off if the S-Pen is left behind. The device itself includes an S-Pen menu with different function shortcuts like create a note, live note, edit note, and so forth making it intuitive to use with the phone.

It even allows screen markup prior to taking a screenshot. The S-Pen works on the always-on display and 100 memos fit on it at any one time. The S-Pen is also water-resistant just like the rest of the phone.

Large Screen in Slim Design

The Galaxy Note 8 features a 6.3-inch Quad-HD+ Super AMOLED screen. This contributes to the added height over other devices. The curved edges of the device give it a slimmer design that’s easy to hold one-hand.

For people in search of a phone with a really good screen, Samsung’s Galaxy Note is it. It has a very bright screen that goes all the way up to 1200 nits, which means that it is viewable in any condition. To preserve battery life, the screen is typically set in full HD.

The screen itself also features an always-on display. This means notes are able to be put on screen with the S-Pen or the time checked without waking the display fully.

There’s also a quick access white tab on the display. Pulling it lets users access the internet, calculator, sports, and finance among other options.

Live Messaging and the Camera

Every new smartphone has a standout feature upon release. For the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it’s a live message. Live message is essentially an animated GIF. It’s compatible with any application that supports animated GIFs.

The Galaxy Note 8 offers a very good dual-lens camera as well on the handset. It has a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens with image stabilization. In addition, it offers a live focus feature not unlike the iPhone 7’s portrait mode. Unlike Apple though, Samsung built-in the ability to adjust the blur before or after taking a photo. This works on faces and regular objects too.

Wide-angle and telephoto photos are able to be saved at the same time, ensuring that you’ll have one good photo if the portrait doesn’t turn out well. This eats up memory though, so think about investing in a micro-SD card if it’s something you like using.

Overall, the Galaxy Note 8 takes excellent photos and is right up there with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus as the best smartphone camera on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best gadget of 2018 for people who like large phones and being productive. It offers a screen that may have once only existed on a larger tablet.

It takes great photos, is water-resistant, and has the S-Pen for note-taking. Look no further than the Note for a premium Android smartphone that lives up to the designation with every feature.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is Best Gadget of 2018

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