Best Gaming Gadgets in 2018 Reviews

2017 has been an interesting year for gaming thanks to some great titles. From adventure games such as Gravity Rush 2 to intense first-person shooters like Call of Duty: WWII, we have gone through an amazing journey. Another great achievement is the introduction of new gaming hardware: Nintendo Switch. With NS, we have entered into the seventh generation of Nintendo and we have still a long way to go.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games are also paving their way into market and experts predict that they could be the future of gaming very soon. It is surprisingly hard to believe how gaming evolved in just ten years.

Just before we see the sun of 2018, let’s review some of the best tech gadgets we have seen so far. Keeping games aside, I would like to include hardware that to take the gaming experience to a new level, like gaming mouse and gaming chairs from GoturBack.UK. Well, gaming is still an expensive business but that can’t stop enthusiasts to grab the best devices.


Corsair’s mice need no introduction. With success of Scimitar Pro and M65 Pro, Corsair introduced Glaive RGB with even better performance and grip. It has 16,000 DPI optical sensor which enhances accuracy for the games. It works very well with First Person Shooter (FPS) thanks to interchangeable grips. There are as many as three grips available for better hold.

Zaqueri ‘Aphromoo’ Black of Counter Logic Gaming says that this mouse feels just like an extension of the hand. There is total of 3 RGB zones that can be customized using CUE software. Additional buttons can also be programmed using the same software.

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Logitech G413 Carbon:

No gaming setup completes without a mechanical keyboard and Logitech G413 is an amazing choice for this year. It has two color variants—silver and black. The silver variant has white as lighting color while black one features red.

The design of the keyboard is kept minimal and that’s a good thing. Function keys at the top have multiple functions such as volume up and down, skipping the track, moving forward and entering game mode etc.


Additionally, it has a USB port to which you can connect your mouse or any other compatible device. It also comes with compatible software for the best gaming experience. I found its touch to be very soft and responsive. Twelve additional keys can be programmed using software for uninterrupted gaming.

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SteelSeriesArctis 7:

Who loves wires? No one and SteelSeries knows that. Arctis 7 is a wireless gaming headset introduced in 2017 by SS. It has a sleek design and white color scheme that looks very fine. It works for a range of 12m without any major interruption. Battery life is great and can make most of the day without charging.

Ear cushions are black in color and they are very comfy. Headset works seamlessly across all major platforms such as PS4, VR, Mac, and PC.You can customize it using SS Engine 3 software too. It is a little bit expensive for average gamer but all good gaming headsets fall almost into this price range.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 TiGraphics Card:

Buying a gaming laptop might not be the cup of tea of every user and normal PCs can’t run big games effectively due to graphics limitations. Graphics card is an affordable solution to this problem. NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is the latest iteration from Nvidia and it is third graphics card of Ti series. It is most expensive graphics card to date but with great price comes great performance.

It isn’t the upgraded version of 1080 instead we have 3854 CUDA cores and 12 billion transistors. We have better and higher memory than 1080. It gave superb experience with Gears of War: 4 and Battlefield. There are no major lags even at overclocking.

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Cooler Master Hyper 212:

Graphics card sure provide good grip over graphics problems but they can’t help stop PC from getting heated. We desperately need a CPU cooler for this purpose and Cooler Master Hyper 212 is the best CPU cooler that fits very fine in both performance and budget parameters.

It is an air cooler with four heat pipes for better heat transfer. The fan isn’t the smallest but it is the one with least noise. Cooler Master claims that it can hardly produce 31 dB of noise at a normal rate. Hyper 212 works very well even at overclocking and fan operation remains smooth for most of the gaming. I think it’s the best deal for budget oriented gamers who look for perfect gaming.

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Acer G277HL:

No gaming setup can make your gaming excellent without having a gaming monitor attached to it. Acer G277HL is a widescreen monitor with 27 inches of screen and HD display. Thanks to multiple HDMI and VGA inputs, we can share screens across different platforms.

It is an extra slim monitor with beautiful design and outstanding colors that won’t disappoint you. Unlike other gaming accessories, this monitor will actually save your energy thanks to Acer’s Eco display technology. Company claims for 68% saving which seems to be a little bit ideal but still a very good move. Price is somewhat high for average Joe but I think this monitor really pays back.

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PlayStation VR:

AR is still in development phase and Pokemon GO just showed us what’s the future. VR, however, managed to grab some extra attention as most of the tech enthusiasts think that VR is the success road to AR. Oculus Rift is a good option for taking VR experience but when we talk about gaming, no one can beat PlayStation VR. It is still a budgeted choice when we compare it with other expensive headsets.

PS offers a variety of games that are compatible with this headset such as Rez Infinite and EVE: Valkyrie. It feels very comfortable, unlike HTC Vive which still needs some improvements. Additionally, you will need to buy PS camera for the headset to operate.

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Asus ROG Strix GL502:

It might be a weird option to consider here but a gaming laptop can get you rid of most of the above-mentioned gadgets. Asus ROG Strix GL502 is a perfect gaming laptop that comes with Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card.

Thanks to 16 GB of RAM it works seamlessly for almost all sort of games. We have 15.6 in full HD display and 1 TB of HDD. Even with all these features, you aren’t going to pay high expenses as it comes under budget range for gaming laptops.

So these are some of the best deals you can get in 2018 and I think they aren’t going to get old very soon. Gaming is in the slow transition phase so I really don’t expect any sudden change in the ecosystem.

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Best Gaming Gadgets 2018 Reviews

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