Camera Showdown! IPhone 8 vs Note 8 – Which Camera is Best

The Apple iPhone 8 is among the most recent gadgets to come from the company that have sparked a debate across tech circles. It has been placed head to head with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and one of the features that have dominated conversations is the cameras of the phones. If you are looking to get either of the two phones, you might have wanted to understand how their cameras compare.

Noelle Neff, a successful young photographer who has also shown interest in tech, has been reviewing the two phones and part of her focus has been on the cameras used. She helps to bring out the differences between the two that make each a unique competitor against the other. Here is a comprehensive camera showdown featuring the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

IPhone 8 vs Note 8
Camera Showdown! IPhone 8 vs Note 8 – Which Camera is Best

One of the ways to determine the performance differences highlighted between the iPhone 8 and Note 8 cameras is doing lab tests. Below are several points that highlight the two phones with focus on their cameras.



To test the iPhone 8, you can use the ProCam 5 app that you can download that can support full manual shutter as well as ISO control. It also offers raw image capture. The first thing you will note is that Apple has added raw support in the iPhone 8 but the feature is not supported with its own software. On the other hand, the Note 8 offers full support of Raw shooting that can be accessed in the Pro Mode using its standard camera app. However, you cannot use the 2x lens as this only works when the camera is set to auto mode.

The iPhone 8 comes with an ISO setting of 20, but when you are shooting in Pro mode on the Note 8 the least you can set this feature is ISO 50, which is not that much of a difference when you compare with real photos taken using the settings described.

With the ISO 50 of the Note 8, the phone achieves more contrast and color saturation when compared to the camera of the iPhone 8. Tests have shown that the main sensor of the Note 8 is able to capture images with more fine detail. The sharpness score of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is 3,025 lines compared to the iPhone 8 that can achieve 2,851.



When it comes to videos, both phones can shoot 4K quality, but the iPhone 8 allows you to choose the frame rate from 24, 30, and 60 fps options. On the other hand, the Note 8 uses some digital stabilization that helps the phone to steady its 2x lens footage, which is not jittery but smooth as any optical options you can access. On the side of the iPhone 8, apart from its standard video capture, the camera comes with an auto-edit feature for videos.

Dual lens features

Dual lens features
Camera Showdown! IPhone 8 vs Note 8 – Which Camera is Best

Using the dual lens cameras of the phones, you can do a number of things with each phone. The phones function differently as the iPhone 8 does not allow you to adjust background blur, which is one of the advantages the Note 8 has over its rival. However, users of iPhone 8 will enjoy specialized lighting effects that can be used on images, which is what the Note 8 lacks.

One of the features that place the iPhone 8 at a better position is portrait lighting, which is completely absent from the Note 8. The feature helps by adding new dimensions to portrait shots, which allows you to alter the lighting on the face of the subject.

Noelle Neff

Noelle Neff is an accomplished photographer. After significant career breakthrough while still young, she proceeded to study photography at the University of Miami. She also writes extensively about her wedding photography experience.

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