How To Change Your Computer Processor Name In Few Steps?

Many of people are used cheap and local processor but there are showing as a very high-working processor by changed their processor name.

When you check the name then it showing a name which there are selected.

Here are some steps to change your computer processor name. 

First Step:-

You can click Windows key + R or go on run and then write Regedit and then click enter.

Change Computer Processor Name


Second Step:-

After click on enter window asking you something for change then your chose or click on yes.


Third Step:-

After this here a open a new window then you flow these steps according to given Image.

Change Computer Processor Name


Fourth Step:-

After apply these steps according give an upper image, you will open your processor name and now you can change your processor name according to you. In the ending close the Regedit window and cheek your processor name.

Change Computer Processor Name

Change Computer Processor Name

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