How to Change IMEI Number of Android Phone

I will tell you an easy trick to change IMEI number of Android phone and you can change IMEI number of any mobile phone using this simple software and you can change IMEI number of Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Micromax, Motorola or any Android Device and it is a safe and easy method to change IMEI number of Smartphone.

This changing IMEI procedure you can make it very fast and easy whit our tool application and the changing process is very simple but first we must explain all about IMEI number and IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity number that every cell phone has it.

Most cell devices are using 15 digits combination IMEI number, but in some cases you may find out specific cell devices that contain even longer IMEI Numbers and IMEI number is really important when some cell phone is reported for stolen or lost.


How to Change IMEI Number of Android Phone Without Root

Change IMEI Number

  1. Download Mobile Uncle App from play store on your android device. Click to Download.
  2. Now, Open the app.
  3. Now, select Engineer Mode > Engineer Mode (MTK).
  4. Scroll Down & click on CDS Information.
  5. Select Radio Information.
  6. Two options will be there, ”Select Phone 2”.
  7. You will get an option like AT+.
  8. Now, enter AT+ <15 digit new IMEI> (for ex- AT+ 123456789012345 ).
  9. Select SEND AT COMMAN.
  10. Restart your Device and you will get your new IMEI for your android device.
  11. That’s it.


Change Device ID with Root

  1. First Root Your Android device.
  2. Now, Download and install Device ID changer.
  3. Now, follow the wizard of this app.
  4. And after changing the device id, restart/reboot your device and done.


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