Change Your Hair Care Routine Every Decade

Change Your Hair Care Routine Every DecadeJust like your skin, your hair can be affected as you age. It not only starts to turn grey, but also begins to lose pigment and its texture. 


Says hair professional Amyn Manji, “Just like the way you change your skin care routine according to the age (teens, 30s, 50s, 60s and beyond) are in, the same should be followed with your hair as well.”


The hair is said to be at its peak in the twenties. It then begins to age chronologically, which is determined by your age as well as the age of your hair (for example, the hair nearest to your scalp is younger and the longer portions and ends are older and often, weak due to external factors like excessive heating, colouring etc.)




At this age, the hair is in full bloom, healthy and bouncing. Beautician Nisha Mulchandani says, “Girls at this age tend to use various styling products on their hair — this could further damage your hair. It is very important to choose a product that is suited to your hair type.” Maintaining a good lifestyle at this age is also crucial.



20s and 30s

A hairstyle that spells fun and style should be adopted at this age. It should suit your face and lifestyle. But remember, your hair starts becoming finer, especially around the crown and hairlines, due to shrinking follicles, so include supplements rich in iron and zinc in your food.



40s and 50s

In 40s and 50s, the hair pigments begin to decrease and cells do not renew themselves as they used to before. Therefore, you will notice your hair greying more than what it used to in your 30s or 40s. If you are planning to colour your hair, you must choose a good brand of colour that will not damage your hair but strengthen and nourish it.


60s and beyond

This is the time when your hair not only turns grey, but also begins to thin a bit. Protect your hair by moisturising and keeping it away from extreme temperatures. Follow a healthy diet and avoid using harsh hair products.



Essential hair care regime

No matter what your age is, it is crucial to follow a particular hair care routine to prevent your hair from breaking as you age.



Night-time care:

Before you hit the sack, make sure to tie your hair up in a bun or a braid. This will prevent your hair from breaking off.

Anti-ageing leave-in treatment: An anti-ageing leave-in treatment will keep your hair soft and easy to brush and blow-dry. They come in various forms — oils, creams, elixirs etc. A good anti-ageing leave-in treatment will also help combat brittleness and hair loss. It also protects your hair and keeps it moisturised.


Nourishing your hair with essential creams:

If you thought nourishing creams were only for your face, you are wrong. There are many hair creams available in the market that make sure that your hair gets its care. It doesn’t matter what type of hair — oily or dry — these creams are suited for all hair types.

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