How to Choose the Right Taping or Strapping for Your Wound

It is absolutely necessary to use the right type of tape at the time of treating any wound and it is not a rocket science to apply it properly. Nevertheless, prior to applying a medical tape you need to have some kind of information as these tapes are applied directly on your skin and can affect you adversely if not done properly.

So here an attempt is made to offer you every type of information about the various tapes so that you can take a more informed decision about which one would suit you best. This knowledge will prevent you from wasting your money on unworthy products and further aggravating your injury.

You should get a proper guide for this. Keep it in mind that strapping and taping should be only done by someone who is trained properly trained for it. So do not think that you can go about it without proper knowledge. Following a wrong procedure for taping or strapping can lead to further complications of your injury.

Right Taping
How to Choose the Right Taping or Strapping for Your Wound

So here are some of the most widely used tapes and how they can be used.


  • Elastic Tapes – These offer are designed in a way to offer the varying amount of support and compression for pulls, soft tissue injuries as well as strains. Nevertheless, keep it in mind that there are a variety of this tape available today. So you must ensure that you purchase the one you are looking for.
  • Inelastic Tapes – These are also known as the Zinc Oxide tape. These are nothing but rayon tape or stretchy tape that uses Zinc Oxide adhesive. The inelastic nature of the tape assists in restricting the movement in joints that can cause pain by immobilising the joint. This tape is mainly used in hard tissue injuries as well as in twists, sprains and turns. These tapes are very strong and they are available in a varying degree of stickiness.
  • Athletic Tear Tape – This happens to be one of the most versatile types of elastic tapes. It is very popular with sportspersons. They are used for securing braces of lateral knee, providing minor support, for holding the packs, securing dressings and so on.
  • Surgical Tapes – These are used to hold the dressings in place like breathing tubes, cannulas, a non-adherent dressing over a graze or deep cut. The types of surgical tapes include Plastic, Micropore and Silk Tape.
  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage – This one requires a lot of training to be applied in an effective way. When strong compression and support are needed this type of bandage is used as they a very strong adhesive.
  • Cohesive Bandage – This tape is of non-slip making and only sticks to itself that makes it ideal for support and compression. Hence it is simple to unwind. This way it is very simple to apply. Its simplicity has made this one a very popular tape.
  • Crepe Bandage – This tape is made of cotton mix or cotton and it is quite useful one when resting. These are also great to strap on an icepack. This bandage can offer minor compression and is quite popular.

The above are some of the most popular types of tapes and straps available in the market. However, at the time of purchasing just ensure that you buy a quality material like micropore tape that will be able to give effective results.

Choose Right Taping or Strapping

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