How To Deal With Cramps Before Period Effectively

Many women who are sleeping in the middle of the night, they suddenly wake up because of cramps before period. It becomes the obsession of many women. So what should we do in this case?

Causes of Cramps Before Period

Some girls experience cramping alongside some other uncomfortable symptoms in their menstrual cycles. Cramps usually start in the lower abdomen and pain from the lumbar region runs down to the thighs and legs.

The reason is that blood must flow through the cervix more. However, this phenomenon lasts only a few days and will end when the menstrual cycle ends.

Some of the main causes can lead to cramps before the period:

  • Probably due to the narrow cervix. For some girlfriends with the narrowed cervix, causing the flow of menstrual disorders. It also causes cramps and abdominal pain before menstruation.
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease. This is an infection in the female genitals. It can happen in the uterus, ovarian cysts, and usually in the pelvis of a woman. When you have the pelvic inflammatory disease, you may have lower abdominal pain, high fever, bad breath, and typical irregular menstruation.
  • Endometriosis is a disease in which normal tissue is growing outside the uterus. The typical symptoms of this disease are the pelvic pain. The majority of pelvic pain occurs during menstruation. It also causes cramps before the period in women.

Cure For Cramps Before The Period


Soak in The Hot Tub

A hot tub for you to relax and reduce cramps before the period. Very simple, you should prepare hot water, add a little bath salt and puree ginger in the bath.

Now turn on your favorite music and have a cup of hot tea. You can soak in the bathtub. In addition, you can add a few drops of essential oils such as cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender also help to relax muscles and reduce cramps before the period.

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Use a Hot Pack

Experts share that: Use of hot pack is considered as one of the effective measures to reduce cramps before the period. You can buy hot pack or a warm towel to apply on the lower abdomen or on the calf.


Use Daily Birth Control Pills

This sounds ridiculous but it is completely true. Daily birth control pills contain hormones that prevent ovulation and reduce abdominal pain or cramping.

You can also use hormonal contraceptives because they all share the same mechanism of action with daily birth control pills. However, you should also be prepared, when you stop using these contraceptives, the condition of dysmenorrhea and cramps will return, even more, severe than before.

Change Posture

Sometimes changing your posture can also make it easier for you when you having a cramp before the period. According to experts, want to reduce cramps before the period, you should sleep rolls. It not only helps to relax the muscles around the abdomen but also relieves the pain.

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Exercise Lightly

Many people often limit their exercise in these special days because they think it can make their abdominal pain and cramp worse. But this is completely wrong. You should exercise, even in these days because it is the simplest way to get rid of the trouble that it brings you.
You can walk, run small steps on a treadmill, ride a bike, or do any other exercise you love. Mobility will increase blood flow to organs and help cure for cramps before period.

cramps before period


There are many ways to cure cramps before the period. Choose the best option if you have cramps before period. Note, you should talk to your doctor to know your problem. They will advise you the best way.


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