Deck up Your Home For The New Year Party

New Year is around the corner and it is time to deck-up your home and irrespective of whether you are having a party or not, is not it always fun to have some new year glow at home?

Deck up Your Home

Here some Ideas that one could incorporate to give your home a festive feel.

1. Jazz Up Your Dinner Table

Wondering when is the right time to take out your precious tableware that is been lying in your cupboard for the longest time? Then this is the right time and start the process by throwing on some kitschy table cloth and then arrange your tableware neatly and keep some wine bottles and some artsy stuff to make it more attractive.


2. Deck Up Your Living Room

If you are having a party at home, start by clearing the space in your living room and move furniture to another room and make arrangement for floor seating and spread a carpet and put floor cushions in one side of the room.


3. Light Up Your Balcony

Give a makeover to your balcony by adding lights and use a mixture of serial lights, paper lanterns and floor lamps and dedicate a corner for seating and neatly place your flower pots in one side of your balcony and put a small table so that you can keep your small eats and drinks there.


4. Speakers and Music System

Place your speakers and music system for you to dance and have fun and put some confetti in balloons and hang them in various corners and reuse your old wine bottles by stuffing some serial lights and You can also invest in some shimmery decor items and run it around the corners of the room.


So do these Deck Up and enjoy the new year party.

Neha Sharma

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