ABSTRACT: This article is written to gather information and know the value of a pc cases. That much a pc case is important according to the different genre of the work which is suitable to be held only on the tower C.P.U and how people customize it according to their tastes.

INTRODUCTION: Pc case which fits on a tower CPU is also caked as humble pc case. There’s a lot of difference in today’s and past’s pc cases. In the early time of a computer, the pc cases were manufactured according to the equipped capability of a pc which was then demolished for a long time due to newly existence of portable pcs also known as a laptop. With the passage of time, the technologies vary from time to time and then people realized that laptop is not just enough to make themselves satisfied for a long time because they don’t have the capability to be modified. As in case of portability, there is nothing best then a laptop but people demand change which laptop is not capable of.

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For example, a pc can be modified according to the required need of an individual with respect to its RAM, Hard Disk, and several other components. This query again raised the value of a pc. But as we discussed that the time has been evolved from to present so the concept of a tower pc was no more as the same of past but they have evolved from simple pc towers to most advanced features pc. Gaming pcs have a lot of value in today’s world as they are the heavier among all the pcs and they have a special ability to adopt different cases upon them.

Now almost all the pcs can adopt different case skins according to the tastes of individuals or which suits the individuals best according to their mind, area, place and used condition.

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This world is now originated that much advance that now you can yourself develop, introduce and make a pc with its case. The pc cases are available in different shape, sizes, color, and dimensions etc, you can even read the full detailed buyer’s guide on CTT case reviews. It’s up to you that what fits you the best because every component of the pc which has to be fitted inside has its own value and really depends or matters upon the size of the pc case you choose.

Which case to choose for your pc might be little confusing because it depends upon where the pc is going to be placed and what job is going to be done on it.


The first stop means that the stop which began in your way while building a pc and it is that which type of pc case to choose because they are available in a wide variety of range for example full tower pc, micro tower pc or the cubic one. Which case to choose relates you to the size of our motherboard. Selecting a right case would help you a little and let you enter the second step.

After all the above complexion of choosing the case, it moves us towards the selection of the most suitable hardware, slots, RAM, cooling options and many more other components that are going to installing inside the case. It is always better to select a bit larger case from our basic need because selecting a bit larger one will help us to fit more components because as larger will be the case as much as it allows the components to fit into it.


Today pc cases have been more advanced than before and the most important is that those are available in a wide range of variety and are super attractive for the individuals who love to do or are a big fan of gaming. Gaming pc cases are designed in such a way for gamers that they shape like a gaming console rather than a tower pc. Pcs adopted in these cases are much expensive than the normal one because they are equipped with such high-quality materials and components inside them which are the best choice for a gamer and are technically built for heavy gaming.


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