Evil of Terrorism of India

Evil of Terrorism of IndiaLike so many other socio-political evils associated with the country, terrorism is also one of them. But it is the most isolating of them all because it is ‘breaking away’ from the main steam, a section of the people who resort to use the force of arms to overwhelm their opponent.

Unfortunately this phenomenon has been evident since long in several parts of the country – Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, north eastern regions, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. Except in Punjab, where it has been subsided to some extent for present.


While in Jammu and Kashmir the situation has improved somewhat due to better and courageous handling of the situation.


Now as a national problem it is to be viewed in all its aspects for better understanding of the actual situation. There are various factors in the context of terrorism in the country. First the foreign and second, mercenaries are carrying on insurgency in the name of ‘jihad’ in Jammu and Kashmir thirdly it is a sort of revolt of the people of certain areas and mass-based movement against repression.


It could be described as an ‘armed upsurge’ against injustice to lower section of society like in Andhra Pradesh, in some parts of Bihar and Orissa.

In Jammu and Kashmir it is actually proxy war being waged by the mercenaries trained and armed b Pakistan with a conspiracy by inter services (ISI) and armed forces of the country.


The pro-Pak terrorism organizations and their political wings who do not recognize J & K as integral part of India. The local people have also been a victim of these terrorism activities.


Evil of Terrorism of IndiaDuring the center rule in the state, due to lack of coherence and consistency in the strategy related to that state, the situation there has been chaotic throughout that period. After the restoration of a popular elected civil elected civil government, there is now a vast change in the socio-political situation in that part of country.


In Punjab also ‘operation blue star’ aimed at crushing the terrorists, embittered the struggle and former Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi fell to is at the hands of her own security personal, on October 31, 1984.


The secessionists of J & K and Punjab are now running a sort of joint undertaking, more to destabilize New Delhi and the country at large. Attack on parliament in New Delhi and J & K assembly was the most horrible attacks.


The greatest attack in Indian Democracy was the horrifying attack of terrorism on Indian Parliament. Just before this attack, they made a similar attack on the Jammu & Kashmir assembly and before that the attack on Red Fort.

The terrorists tried to blow the parliament with the huge quantity of RDX they were carrying with them in the car.


In the North-Eastern region of the country, the case of the injustice done to the tribal communities gradually isolated them and repression forced them to an armed upsurge.


The foreign countries who are interested in political destabilization of this country are also helping them in carrying out insurgency. Creation of as many as five states out of Assam in a bid to control the situation has also miserably failed to alter the situation.

The situation as a whole is quite unpredictable for the present. The third category of terrorism or militancy in the country is that of naxalism. They are the revolutionary cadres of the communist groups. They have pockets or their influence and mass-based political organization with People War Group attached to them.


They champion the cause of exploited and oppressed people and wage-war against exploiters.


Terrorism is not a single evil. It is accompanied with so many other evils. But Indians are courageous people; they will fight it with all their might and will not give in.


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