Facts About Meditation On Our Lifestyle

In simple terms, meditation can be defined as total relaxation of the mind and therefore, the body. Mental health leads to physical well being, while a healthy body helps retain a healthy frame of mind as well.

Meditation can also be defined as the art of living in the present moment. The mind almost always dwells in the past or future All our stress arises either from the past or the future. Relaxation can be achieved by living in the present moment.

The experience of deep relaxation or the art of living in the present moment creates the required deep silent mind to understand the spiritual dimension, the dimension which is beyond the real self. Hence, WHO defines health as the well-being of physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions.


What Healing Effects of Meditation

Health is the balance between harmony, rhythm and natural flow of life energy, through every part of the body. Diseases occur when this flow is interrupted. Poor lifestyle, emotional conflict, mental tension, inherited predispositions with consequent energy depletion are the main causes of poor health.

Effects Meditation
Healing Effects of Meditation

A number of physical diseases are often related to these subtle problems and Meditation is very helpful in overcoming these problems. Medication heals the body from outside, whereas meditation heals it from inside.

The easiest way to meditate is by either lying down, sitting on the ground or sitting on a chair in a comfortable position. Eyes should be closed and noise eliminated to reduce external stimulation. Soft music aids relaxation. You may also practice relaxation techniques such as progressive muscular relaxation, visualization, autogenic training, self hypnosis and different forms of meditation and yoga.

Regular meditation helps to overcome addictions of tranquilizers, reduces hypertension, insomnia, migraine, depression, anxiety and other psychosomatic illnesses. It also improves brain function by enhancing a balance between the two separate hemispheres of the brain, promoting creativity, love, compassion, etc.


What are Methods of Meditation

Any method that creates awareness with relaxation is the right method. The methods may vary from person to person and one has to find out his or her own method White all the methods overlap, they can be classified under three heads:


Active (Body Oriented)


In this technique, the body is used a lot. These methods are primarily used to activate the opposite poles of the body resulting in a deep cleansing of the body Many blocks created in physical energy by mental conflicts also gets removed. Active methods include:

HATHA YOGA: Dynamic meditation (chaotic breathing), Kundalini, Nataraj (dancing meditation), Sudarshan Kriya etc.


Passive (Mind oriented)


These are basically mind oriented techniques which involves minimal body activity and this method makes an individual focus on the breath, sound. word, light, etc. Passive techniques are:

RAJA YOGA: Chanting of mantras, Transcendental meditation, Meditation on music, mirror gazing humming, Trataka (concentration Method), visualization, Vipassana, Kriya Yoga, Chakra breathing etc.


Heart (Emotion Oriented)


In these methods, the heart and emotions are involved. Deeply emotional and devotionally inclined people can be benefitted by this method, Heart oriented methods includes:

BHAKTI YOGA: Kirtans, Bhajans, Prayers etc.

Meditation is The Key Successful Lifestyle

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