How To Find Cheap Airline Tickets Always?

Traveling the world to see exciting new places, experience new cultures, and meet new people is a dream all avid travelers share. Unfortunately, for various reasons, not many are able to even begin on this beautiful journey that will take them to endless exciting places across the world.

One of the main reasons that hold back travelers from doing this is rising costs of pretty much everything. But not many realize that half the battle is won when you manage to book the cheapest possible flights.

Find Cheap Flights
Find Cheap Flights Tickets Always

So how to Find Cheap Flights tickets always?

It’s actually quite simple. Traveling isn’t as expensive as it used to be a while back. There are a few simple tips and tricks to book cheap flight tickets even when there’s no airline sale going on. So to answer the question of how to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world, following are a few simple tips you can follow.

1. Know how to search for cheap flights

When you’re looking for cheap flights, it’s highly important to know where to look for them. There are scores of search engines available that all offer cheap flights and admittedly, most of us have tried them all. However, not all of them are equal. Listed here are some of the best ones we’ve come across that might help you in your search for cheap flights to anywhere in the world.



2. Search in secret

A lot of people have reported feeling like they were being spied upon while booking flights. For instance, you’re looking for cheap flights to anywhere last minute. You stop your search owing to whatever reasons and get back to it within a few minutes. But when you resume your search, you find that the fares you were checking have shot up unexpectedly. Has this ever happened to you? Unfortunately, this is partially true. So how to find cheap flights always? It’s pretty simple actually. Your search in the “incognito” mode. Using this window will ensure that your browser info is not tracked. This way, the portals cannot scare you into booking flights quickly without enough research.

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3. Know when to fly

January through May and September through early December are generally considered as the cheapest times to fly anywhere. In short, it’s cheaper to fly if the kids are in school. Middle of June through the middle of August, or peak summer, is considered the most expensive time to fly. Not to forget Christmas and New Year’s when airfares skyrocket endlessly. So when zeroing in on a travel destination, keep in mind that making the trip during festivals and holidays will cost you more. For example, don’t travel to China during the Chinese New Year, to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, or to Rio during the Carnival.

4. Be flexible with your travel

There are many theories as to which is the ideal day to avail the best deals on cheap flights. Some experts say it is Tuesday, others Monday, and there are those that book on the weekends as well. So how to find cheap flights always? Your best bet is to check for an entire month well ahead of your trip. This is what you can do: log in to whichever is your most preferred travel booking site and enter your departure and arrival destinations. Choose the one-way trip option even if you’re planning on a round trip as this will give you a clear picture about the cheapest dates. Next, select ‘depart’ and check ‘whole month.’ This will show you the cheapest option. Using the same one-way option, do the same with your return flight.

5. Plan well in advance

While it’s true that several airlines offer last minute flights, there isn’t a guarantee that these will come cheap. Decades ago airlines would slash prices at the last minute to fill empty seats. These days, business travelers book last minute flights at full price. Also, there’s always the chance that banking on last minute flights might leave you stranded at the airport. So make sure to plan for the trip and start looking for flights at least 2-3 months in advance. This is how to find cheap flights always.

6. Pick cheap airlines

All countries have inexpensive airlines they use for regular travel. For instance, RyanAir in Europe or Spirit Airlines in the United States are cheap, no frills options. They offer the cheapest when it comes to airfare but there is no guarantee however, that they won’t get you with additional costs. Checking bags, early boarding, aisle seats, and food options among other things may come with their own charges.

7. Choose airports wisely

This is one of the must-do tips and a vital part of answering how to find cheap flights always. Several major cities will have multiple airport options and your best bet is to choose one that’s the cheapest. For example, LaGuardia is the nearest airport to Manhattan but it may be cheaper if you fly into Newark or JFK which are a little further away. If you’re willing to make your journey a bit longer, this could result in some valuable savings for you. A couple of extra hours on a bus or a train will make your flight time that much cheaper.

8. Use a travel agent

Travel agents have access to valuable info that isn’t open to the general public. If you’re flexible on time and book well in advance, travel agents will do it at special rates where you will save a lot of money. You can also try doing your own flight search and match it with that of your travel agent’s to make sure you book the cheapest flight possible. An additional bonus is the fact that travel agents are well-versed with places across the world and can even suggest you awesome layovers, which brings us to our next tip.

9. Try Layovers

When you ask how to find cheap flights always, you must also ask yourself is you are willing to extend your travel considerably. If yes, then try adding a stop or two to your destination rather than going for a non-stop flight. This will make your travel much cheaper. That being said, there is always the risk that you might miss a connecting flight if your layover is too short (say under 3 hours). So caution is advised if you want to try this.

10. Frequent Flier Programs

All airlines across the world have frequent flier programs that make your air travel cheaper. Take a couple of minutes and sign up for these. There is no harm and most won’t charge you anything for membership. You’ll earn some good miles if you’re among those that travel plenty of times a year. Many airlines will let you keep the miles for at least 2 years without travel before you begin losing them. Some will even let you keep them without ever losing even if you don’t travel for a long time.

So exercise patience and a bit of caution while trying how to find cheap flights always. Keep these key points in mind and travel the world without breaking your bank account. Just remember that as long as you plan the trip well in advance and find the suitable budget, you can do this plenty of times a year. Be flexible with your destinations, timings, dates and airlines to take advantage of the freebies, deals and incentives offered.

Find Cheap Flights Tickets Always


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