What Food Labels Really Mean

The food we put in our body is what makes us who we are. That’s why it’s so important to have a thorough understanding of what food labels really mean when you’re at the store. This infographic from HappyCleans should provide you with all the information you need on food labels.

Often food labels are used as a marketing ploy more than anything else. ‘Healthy-sounding’ terms are added to them in an effort to make us buy them. For example, you may have seen a label saying ‘no added hormones’ on chicken but this label is completely meaningless.

It is actually illegal for poultry producers to use hormones when raising chickens, so you should not have to pay more money for these products.

Another area where labels are used misleadingly is on eggs. For example, you may have heard that brown eggs are healthier but all it actually determines is the breed of the chicken that laid it.

Check out the infographic now for a comprehensive overview of food labels.

Food Labels Really Mean

Food Labels Really Mean

Kat Buckley

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