Go Shopping If You Want Longer Life!

Today I am not trying to propagate or impose this idea on you through this article and however, a research has shown and there are testimonials of people who vouch for the health benefits of shopping.

Obviously, it is true that shopping is not as good as a high intensity workout and however, shopping has an overall benefit to your psychological, physical, mental, and emotional health and if researches are to be trusted, shopping as well as window shopping has positive effects on us or on our health.

Well, window shopping definitely sounds good, who would not want to feel happy and not good for health, right? Shopping fills us with a feel good factor, helps us to relieve stress and spend time with our family or friends and meet new people in world.

It is a mood buster and hopping from one counter to another or from one street to another or simply walking through the mall helps you to lose some calories and all these assumptions make sense only when you really enjoy shopping.

Want Longer Life
Go Shopping If You Want A Longer Life!

Here we are sharing some 7 to 8 health benefits of shopping that can be helps you to make a good health or if you Want Longer Life.


1. Produces Feel-Good Hormones in You

The thought of just going to shop and then the actual shopping spree releases endorphin in your body and these fill up your brain with a lot of positive thinking and pleasure and shopping helps to lift up your spirit.


2. Work-Out Without Getting Tired

Working out at the gym or doing any other workout sure does exhaust you in sometime, and you end up getting tired and However, shopping is best and an excellent way to work-out because your brain keeps releasing endorphins that keep you engaged and you do not feel tired quickly.


3. In Losing Calories

You can burn up to around 500 to 600 calories with in a three hour shopping spree, According to researches. Now, that sounds good, is not it? Losing calories by doing something you really love to do is a great idea and just for the records, you can also lose another 13 to 15 calories per minute climbing up and getting down those stairs so, ditch the escalators the next time you shop.


4. Promotes Your Skills

Shopping brushes up our social skills and most of the time, we go shopping with a family member or a friend and by doing this we get to spend some extra time with them. And while shopping, you also meet fellow shoppers and sales people, this helps you shed your social inhibitions so, shopping is very important to maintain your emotional health and to improve your skills.


5. Teaches Patience

Shopping also teaches you to be patient and you also need to be patient with the sales person while he/she shows you the items you want and you also learn to be patient and co-exist with your other fellow shoppers and waiting at the billing counter till your turn comes also boosts the golden rule of ‘being patient’ in you.


6. Strengthens Reflexes

Shopping definitely strengthens your reflexes and you are more active and alert while moving your shopping trolley or checking out for items and, at the same time, keeping an eye on your child or picking up something you want before someone else grabs it and it is very good for improve your reflexes.


7. Shapes Your Arms

Pushing that trolley, while you shop, helps you to build your arm and abdomen muscles and a lot of muscle strength is required to push and pull your shopping trolley throughout the mall even picking up things from the counters and keeping them back or into your trolley also helps you to move a muscle so shopping is good for makes strong arms.


8. Soothes the Eye

Those counters loaded with goods in vibrant colors are a real feast for the eyes, are not they? Even locating the item you want from thousands of those products improves your hawk eye view and this certainly does soothe your eyesight and helps release feel-good hormones in your body and this is good for health.

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