How Instagram Will Now Let You Post Multiple Photos, Videos at Once

Instagram’s much-awaited ‘Album’ feature which will let people post multiple photos, videos in one go has been rolled out. The feature was earlier spotted in February on Android, and it looks like it will be made available for all.

Facebook-owned Instagram will now let users combine up to 10 photos and videos in one post and their followers will be able to swipe through to see them all. The album feature will help ensure pictures from one event ends up in one collection, without a person cluttering their feed and annoying their followers. The worst thing on an Instagram feed is multiple images of the same party all within seconds.

Instagram’s blog-post says, “Whether you’re creating a step-by-step tutorial, recapping a surprise birthday party or sharing a collection from your recent getaway, you can now share more than just one moment without worrying about over-posting to your feed.”

Post Multiple Photos

Instagram has increased ad carousel units to 10 photos or videos with a refreshed design and dynamic ordering, so advertisers can also rejoice. It means they will be able to show more content, more photos of their products in just one post. Instagram says the new feature will be available globally over the next few weeks. So how does the new ‘Album’ sharing feature work?

On Instagram, just tap the upload button. Just select the new icon to upload multiple photos and videos. Users can then go about editing the post; you can filter everything at once or edit individual photos and videos.

To change the order of the photo, tap and hold. You can also remove a photo or video from your selection with this action. If you add a caption or location tag to a post, it will apply to all the photos in the post.

The same goes for likes, comments. Users can however, tag friends in individual photos and videos. If you see an ‘album’ style post in the feed, there will be blue dots at the bottom. Swipe back and forth to view the entire post.

Instagram, which has over 600 million monthly active users, and over 300 million daily active users, has been on adding a lot of new features. The most important change is ‘Stories’, which might be inspired by Snapchat, but already has over 150 million people using it daily. Now with this multiple upload feature, which Instagram isn’t calling ‘Album’, the app just wants users to share a lot more, all at once.

Now Post Multiple Photos, Videos at Once on Instagram


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