How To Protein Helps Lose Weight Faster ?

So you are eating green veggies, eating clean, exercising regularly and taking Multivitamin Supplements too. But your weight loss efforts are not making you leaner, rather the glow on your face has gone and you appear dull.

What could be the reason, despite following everything you read good online or hear from friends? Well, the reason that you are not losing weight despite all efforts could be lack of protein in your diet.

Protein is the Building Block Muscles, quintessential for formation and functioning of cells, absolutely required for good hair and supple skin, plus it is essentially required to make you feel full for longer intervals of time.

Thereby, include protein in your diet to see your weight loss efforts fructify and to feel much more active, strong and brimming with energy.

Protein Helps Lose Weight Faster
How To Protein Helps Lose Weight Faster

As per India’s top nutritionists, you must ensure you fortify your daily diet with either of the two combinations listed below if you happen to be a vegetarian:

1. Eat Cottage Cheese + Soy Milk

2. Eat Tofu + Milk (dairy) fortified with a Protein Powder like Protinex

As per a recent study conducted on overweight women, just by increasing Protein intake from 15% to 30% calories made them eat 441 calories lesser than usual, and that too without restricting anything in their diet.

That’s the power of protein, as it reduces Ghrelin – the hunger hormone, making you feel less hungry. Adequate protein intake lessens cravings and late-night snacking. It boosts metabolism thereby burning stored fat faster.

If you happen to be a non-vegetarian, then chances are that your protein intake is adequate if chicken breast, lean meat, fish, eggs, etc are included in your daily diet. If you are an eggitarian (a popular term in India that represents the population who consumes eggs but not meat), then include 2 eggs each day in your breakfast, with a combination of cottage cheese, soy milk, tofu, protein powder, etc. And if you are a vegetarian, then kindly ensure you consume protein-rich sources in your vegetarian diet.

People who consume adequate protein are less prone to diseases like Osteoporosis, they heal faster due to strong tissues, they fall ill lesser due to strong immune system, they are less prone to fractures, they have great brain functioning even as they age.

Protein intake is not just for people on their weight-loss journey, but for everyone. It is important for your everyday performance at work, home and in life, overall.

Protein Helps Lose Weight Faster

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