How the Birds working ?

birds fly backwardsCan birds fly backwards?

Humming birds can! These tiny birds with their high speed wing beats can fly in any direction, even the backwards.

They can also keep their bodies perfectly still in mid air.


Can a bird fly all of the time in the sky?

Most birds fly for short period and then return to land to rest and food. There are some birds that can fly non-stop for years. The sooty tern flies over the oceans for 3 to 5 years before returning to land to breed.


birds can weavesWhich bird catches fish for people to eat?

A web footed diving bird, the cormorant, with a huge appetite for fish.

In the east, fisherman uses the cormorant to dive underwater to catch fish for them.

A metal ring around the bird’s neck stops it from swallowing the fish.


Which birds can weaves?

The male red-headed weaver bird makes a largest nest by weaving grasses together. These strong nests may last for a year and can be used many times.


Did you know that a bird can sew?

The tailor bird makes nest using its sharp beak as a needle to sew two large leaves together and the leaves are then filled with soft grasses.


Did you know that a peregrine?

Falcon can drive at over the 320 km/h. This is the fastest bird in flight but it would not be able to dive on its prey at this speed.


Which bird has the largest wings pan?

The wandering albatross spends its life flying over the southern oceans. With its 3.5m (12 ft) wingspan, it glides over the waves stopping only to feed.


bird flies underwaterWhich bird flies underwater?

On land the flightless penguin is a clumsy, funny creature.

Underwater it flies great speed and grace.

These are only birds which can flies underwater.


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