How to Hire the Right Talent for Your Startup

When it comes to growing a startup, there is no greater headache for business owners than the issue of recruitment.

The time it takes to identify the need to recruit, list the job advert, choose your favorite candidates, interview them and then make an offer of employment is a huge strain on fledgling businesses.

The best way to counteract the negative impact of recruitment is to go into the process with as much preparation as possible. By streamlining your processes, you will save time, which for all small businesses translates into money.

How to Hire the Right Talent for Your Startup

Define the Role

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to advertise vague job openings in the hope that this will widen the candidate pool. In reality, this simply closes doors rather than opening them as many people will assume they aren’t qualified for the role and avoid applying.

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Often, the person you need is within your own network and you don’t even know it yet. Start your search by networking, and you may find that you don’t even need to advertise your job. Letting your friends, family and business contacts know that you are hiring and they will likely have someone in mind who might be able to fill the role. Even if the person they suggest isn’t a good fit, it will still help you to further define the role and decide what it is you are looking for.

Beware the Recruiters

Once word gets out that you are hiring, you will likely receive a few calls from recruiters. Promising to take the heavy lifting out of hiring, recruiters will promise you the world, but don’t always expect them to deliver. They might be able to send a few qualified candidates your way, but you will then have to pay recruitment fees on top of this, so you will need to decide if this is worth the expense.

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Be Open Minded

It’s a well-known fact that when we have the choice of who to hire for a role, we often choose the person who looks and acts the most like us. While this can help to create a cohesive team environment, you might be missing out on opportunities by not hiring someone with a different mindset or frame of experience. Don’t exclude anyone from your search based on anything other than aptitude.

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Take your search International

Looking for a candidate overseas can be a scary prospect – after all, if you offer them a job, you would be asking them to relocate for your company. While this might seem like a huge step, if you have the resources to sponsor a Tier 1 visa, you should really consider widening your talent pool by searching on an international scale. If you can’t sponsor a visa, you could also consider having a remote worker on your payroll.

Hire the Right Talent for Your Startup

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