How to protect your skin care in winter season

Befriend a moisturizer, use face oils and avoid excessive exfoliation to get a natural glow despite the chill in the air.

skin care in winter season

Here are few skincare tips that can be followed during the winter season:

#1. A cool breeze may deprive your skin of the essential moisture that keeps it soft. Apply and then reapply the moisturizer but make sure that it is not too heavy for your skin. Otherwise, it will make your skin look oily and dark and a gel-to-cream base moisturizer would be ideal for any skin type.

#2. Bio-oil not only offers anti-aging properties but also provides nourishment to the skin and these oils add a protective layer to your skin and offer that super glow.

#3. Hot water takes off the natural oil from the body, it plays havoc if you already have a dry skin and lukewarm water is ideal to suit your body temperature as it does not dilate capillaries due to excessive heat.

kin care in winter season

#4. Have a nutritionally rich diet or food items rich in Omega 3 for glowing skin and nuts and seasonal vegetables are great for your skin and avoid starchy and sugary foods as they may cause bloating and acne.

#5. Since your skin is already dry during the winter season, excessive exfoliation will wash off all the natural oils from the skin and can damage it badly causing redness and use gentle exfoliators like oatmeal and coffee powder, and seal it with a cream.

#6. Splash your face with cooler water after washing, pat dry (don’t scrub with the towel, as this can damage your epidermis).

#7. For an extra layer of protection, use a face primer or chafe relief gel (some people just use aloe vera gel) once the moisturizer has soaked in.

 skin care in winter season

skin care in winter season

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