How to Sculpt Your Thighs

The upper thighs and the inner thighs are very hard works if you want to get that perfect shape of your body and those taut muscles but for most of us, even though the rest of our body complies with the hard works, we put in our thighs tell a different story and Cellulite often finds a hiding place in those thighs and sculpting them is quite difficult but it’s not impossible.

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So what should you do if you want those perfect thighs? Here are some tips for you to get perfect Sculpt Your Thighs.

Walk off your Thighs

Sculpt Your ThighsWalking is wonderful exercise for you to over all good health and also helps with inflammation but more importantly, walking helps fight and reduce cellulite you to visibility, much more than running.

What walking does is, it’s directly makes your upper leg muscles work and the more brisk and strenuous your walk is, the more you are working that exact spot that you want to lose and many people make the mistake of jogging a lot more than walking.

While jogging will definitely help you lose over all weight and walking is more helpful you if you are targeting upper thighs.

Yoga Asanas

Many of yoga asanas are directly work your upper thigh muscles. The Chndrasana (the cresent lunge), suryanamaskars (sun salutations), the padangusthasana (big toe pose), Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose), baddha konasana (bound angle pose) are but a few poses that stretch out your thigh muscles and open them out, thus working and toning them. Ask your yoga teacher to help you with poses that directly impact your upper thighs.

Lower body workouts

Focus on your lower body when lifting weights do weighted squats and lunges with barbells or dumbbells. Squats and lunges are great for your upper thighs as your legs form a backbone for these exercises and so does your core, which improves your posture and a bad posture also results in the upper legs being disproportionately heavier.


Wide leg squats

Sculpt Your ThighsHold a dumbbell (4 to 5 kg) in front of you with your arm extended and spread your legs as wide as possible with toes pointing out and now squat down as low as possible or until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Now come up still holding the weight and repeat it. This workout is really great for your inner thighs and make a great shape.

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