How To Use Android Smart Phone As Wireless Mouse To Control Your PC

Android smartphone as a wireless mouseHello friends today I am sharing a trick with you that how to use Android Phones as wireless Mouse and friends today Android Phone has become the most popular handy devices that are why the applications and uses of Android phone are not only limited to use this as a simple phone, instead, now you can use your Android phone as wireless mouse for your Windows computer and control the mouse arrow and Bluetooth mouse is also very popular for controlling the mouse wirelessly but when you have an Android phone then you do not need to buy a Bluetooth mouse.

Friends I talk you that using this method I mean this trick, you will be able to do all the functions which you can do using a Bluetooth or any other standard wireless mouse.

Friends most of us use PC or mac only for the sake of recreation I also use it to watch movies and dramas while watching them we want to minimize or maximize the height or width of our screen and it is very bad thing when we sit a distance away from the PC so we want to control our PC using mouse just like the remote of a TV that’s why we can use android phone as a mouse.


How Its Work?

How will our android phone work as a wireless mouse to control our Windows PC or will it give us all the features that an original Mouse can gives and your android phone will also work as your Windows mouse, in fact, it will give you some more features than that of any other mouse.

We will use some well known and free android apps that will do this work and so we will be able to control our PC via our Android Smart Phone so let’s Learn How To Use Android SmartPhone As Wireless Mouse To Control Your PC.


How To Connect With Your PC?

To connect your PC and your Android Smartphone first you need to Download Wi-Fi Mouse App and also, Download mouse server and install it from the website and then you need to connect the same Wi-Fi on both computer and android now open the app and select your PC from there now you can use your android as a mouse.

What Can Wi-Fi Mouse Do?

Supports mouse left, right click and scroll wheel, we can used as Android keyboard as well as computer keyboard and use this as a joystick to control moves of game on PC and Many other Things…

Android Smart Phone As Wireless Mouse


Top 12 Features Of Wi-Fi Mouse App

  1. Mouse movement and click
  2. Make scrolling
  3. Android keyboard or simulate full-screen computer keyboard
  4. Voice to text to computer
  5. Two fingers tap for right click.
  6. Two finger scroll.
  7. Pinch to zoom.
  8. Three finger drag or highlight.
  9. Four fingers swipe up to maximize current window.
  10. Four fingers swipe sideways to change current window focus.
  11. Media controller
  12. Control media players and so on…


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