Katrina Kaif Will Plays As Parsi Girl In Phantom

Phantom is an action thriller set against the backdrop of 26/11 and Katrina kaif being one of the most stylish and beautiful actresses we have and we wondered what made Kabir Khan’s cast her in such a tough, non glamorous environment.

Kabir started as a documentary filmmaker in many confront zones (be it Bosnia, Afghanistan, Israel and such), during which time he interacted with a lot of aid workers and journalists.

He saw that intelligence agencies tend to recruit people from such aid agencies as one and they tend to get visas easier and two, they usually get access to areas which many a time others don’t get access to and so he decided to model her character in Phantom based on these aid workers.

Katrina kaif

Her character is London based who has spent time all over the world and he wanted a certain international feel to her character and therefore, based on her physicality and persona so she fit the role perfectly. Interestingly, she is Playing Parsi Indian Girl.

She is part of an international aid network and gets recruited in the mission to avenge Mumbai and bring retribution for 26/11.


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