Making an Unsolicited Job Inquiry With a Successful Interview Call

There can be chances that the job you are keen to get is not advertised anywhere. Rather than waiting for the announcement of a vacancy and dropping your resume in the bunch of 100s of other’s waiting to apply, take the first initiative and apply NOW!

Even if the job vacancy is not posted you can apply for it with a number of tips, some of which we are defining here;

In the modern world, an unsolicited application is much like a saga; a collection of myths about amazing journeys. A journey where it is hard to find where the reality became a fiction. It might not be dealing with a dragon flying over the city and spitting fire but it is surely standing between you and your professional goals. However, an unsolicited application surely involves one major thing- winning over something.

You need not stand on the edge of your willingness to get your dream job, rather you can avail the opportunities as there are many things that can increase your chances to get the job if you are playing well with your unsolicited application.

Where Does an Unsolicited Job Application Works?

According to human resources surveys, about 70-80% of the available jobs never appear in the job advertisement section. This means that if you are waiting for the advertisement for any particular, in this case, your dream job, you are wasting your time.

Surveys have also shown that most of the applicant stay stick to the listed jobs. This means that they a vast majority is applying for very limited job positions.  In all such cases, an unsolicited approach allows you to pounce before the masses even come to know about the availability of any such position. It is a chance to impress the employer with your skills before anyone else can.

Unsolicited Job Application

However, all of it does not mean that an unsolicited application is always a great idea to deal with. As per understandable rule, bigger the company is, lessen the chances are to get your application into the right hands. Most of the bigger organizations these days follow a robotic pattern, carried by systems to deal with the screening of resumes or CV in their data. One of the best examples of such an organization is the careerz360. These systems are designed to keep delivering the potential talent to them constantly.

An unsolicited application might work well with a small or medium size business where there is not HR capacity to screen the applications coming after a job posting, via regular channels. If you drop an unsolicited application, it will help them in their recruitment processing.

Moreover, in companies who are of relatively smaller in size, there are few people standing between you and the manager you actually need to talk to. Thus more are chances for having an interview.

Research- An Important part:

Research is the most important things before you sit for sending an unsolicited email to any potential employer. You need to check what the company is about, what are their demand, products or services? What are they looking in a person to get hired?

Generally, when you see any job advertisement, you can find all these basic details about the company and all what you need to do is to Set your CV according to the demand and send it. But for an unsolicited application, you need to do all the research about the company on your own.

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For this purpose, you need to check all the data available for the company on the internet. Their website can be the best option to start with. You can check with the social media links, their publications if any, their news feed and other awards or anything that can help you get the information about the company.

Networking with different relevant sectors on different social platforms can also be a great idea to have an insight about the company.

Be a Sherlock:

To find the best about a company you are willing to apply, you need to be a detective. You need to get in touch with people who are actually eligible to make a decision to hire you. But you to do all this with a low pace.

This is actually the instance where people shy or lack confidence to consider an unsolicited application. Some takes this act as hiding behind an email with resume, and they are not willing to do that.

You can start with networking events where you can interact with people and speak to them about the company or the specific industry. You must think to interact with people and find opportunities to have words the higher management of the company. This can be done by attending the industry relevant conference and seminars etc.

Here an important question is if you can contact the person in the company with the post that you are willing to apply for. In such a case the person will find you a danger to his/her job. In such a case you need to find a connection with someone else in the company and with some relevance to hiring authorities etc.

Focus on Your Job Pitch:

Once you have submitted the job application and it finally reaches the decision making authority, it is the time you need to appear for an interview. At such times, you need to decide the pitch you must carry with you during the meeting.

We will suggest you to have an elevator pitch, you need to prepare for the questions like who you are? What are your expertise? How you can benefit the company? What are your skills overall?

Focus on Your Job Pitch

All these questions can be asked from you like “Tell me about yourself?” at this very moment, something that can set you back will be the lack of information about the company, the job description you are willing for? The precious of the company and others.

To answers these concerns effectively, you can consider the following steps;

  • Pick the job and come up with solid arguments about why you are suitable person for this job
  • Highlight your skills and mention how you can out them to use for the company
  • Present yourself professionally and confidently
  • Be convincing and effective in your working
  • Choose a language you are most comfortable with
  • Be concise in your replies
  • Your goal must be to develop interest of the person in your CV and consider you once

At the end what an unsolicited job application needs the most is the self-confidence and courage. You must keep in mind that you might get reject after the interview. It is also important for you to keep in mind that there are cultural differences in countries and companies and according to which they will reply your application.

Giving a try is worth considering rather than sitting aside and waiting for an option to drop in your resume along with hundreds of others.

Making Unsolicited Job Inquiry With Successful Interview Call

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