Meet The Man Behind The Most Expensive Haircut in The World!

Rossano Ferretti is known as the most exclusive and Expensive Haircut dresser in the world. He is famously known for the method haircut technique, which is also known as the invisible haircut.

This haircut allows the hair to fall with natural movement; the cut is not about layers and chop. It follows the natural flow of hair, offering a bespoke experience for everyone. He has more than 20 salons in the world with rumored clients like Kate Middleton, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lawrence to name a few.

Recently, he was in India to launch the Rossano Ferreti Hair Spa at The Manor in New Delhi, where we chatted about his salon in India and the famous haircut.

Expensive Haircut dresser
Meet The Man Behind The Most Expensive Haircut in The World!


Tell us about the famous ‘invisible haircut’

I was 15-years-old when I felt that I was not happy about the techniques used for haircuts in salons over the world. I decided to travel and learn more about this. And that’s when I realized that women all over the world were completely unhappy with their experience. They never had an experience of anything different and new at the salons.

So, I came up with the method which is also called the invisible haircut. It was about understanding hair’s natural force and customizing per the girl.

Is this haircut available in the Indian salons as well?

Yes, it is available in India and at all my salons. We have our stylists who come from learning schools across the world. It’s not about India, this is everywhere! I will never open a salon without my team—because they care about the local clients and quality control. And of course, I need local stylists as well, so we train them first and teach them.


And we’ve heard that it’s the most expensive haircut in the world, is that true?

Right now, my hairdressers have the regular market price and as I have been the benchmark in the industry for the method, we keep the prices competitive. And the $1500 cost was years ago when I was in the market. Now, I only do it for a few friends, but you don’t want to know the cost for that!

What’s the current price of the ‘invisible haircut’ in India?

The Indian cost is Rs 6,500, which includes wash, blow-dry – it’s a complete package! It’s very much available here and it’s not at a crazy price.


We’ve heard about your famous Hollywood clients. And, we’re just curious if there’s any Bollywood client as well?

Well, I don’t speak about my clients and friends. But of course, I have Bollywood clients and many in the world. But, I never speak about them. I believe that every client is a celebrity to me. It’s not about one celebrity or a name that will change your experience at my salon. Every client will be treated in the same way and this is very important to me!

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