Milla Jovovich Wants To Stay Inspired

Milla JovovichActress Milla Jovovich says wants to stay inspired into your craft and life.

The actress added that it might be the reason she has experimented with different career options like modelling, musician, and fashion designer.

“As an actor you want to work, but it’s difficult because you are in one of those careers where you are normally either working a lot or not at all and that’s why it’s always fun to do things, regardless of the size of the project,” Jovovich said in a statement.


She added, “You want to stay inspired and into your craft and yourself and maybe that’s the reason I have experimented with different careers and I just enjoy keeping myself interested in life and in me too, because if I’m not interested in me, why would anyone else be?”.


On the film front, the actress is looking forward to the release of ‘Resident Evil : The Final Chapter‘. The Sony Pictures Entertainment film is set to hit Indian theaters on February 10.



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