Movie Review of Kriti

Kriti is a psychological thriller that toys with the audience’s perception of reality and Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte, Neha Sharma, Manu Rishi Shirish Kunder Ratings: 

Kriti is probably Shrish Kunder’s statement to the world that he is much, much more than the director of Jaan-E-Mann and Joker and a funny guy on Twitter and while both his films neither made money nor did they make the world a better place, his sarcasm-laced tweets are proof that there is indeed a wicked mind at play behind that Twitter handle and Jaan-E-Mann and Joker might have been flops, but they sure were interesting flops. Conceptually, both films were not what you would call the usual masala fare, but they did look and feel like usual masala fare.

Kriti is no different, except, this time, Kunder’s characteristic treatment of the psychological thriller film works and May be because it is the short film format that seems to be in tune with Kunder’s sensibilities, and if stretched to another ninety minutes, Kriti would have probably become Joker 2 or maybe, because Kunder has regained his mojo and is in full form here and If he shows such form in his future films, expect a new star director on the horizon.

Movie Review of Kriti

Kriti is the story of Sapan (Manoj Bajpayee), a mentally ill person who is seen sitting with his psychiatrist, Dr Kalpana (Radhika Apte, ethereal and bold), as he opens up about his new love, Kriti (Neha Sharma). Dr Kalpana asks him if Kriti is as imaginary as Rachana, someone who supposedly played a role in Sapan’s life at one time. Kalpana tells Sapan that he will have to prove the existence of Kriti to her as a precautionary measure. The film kicks off from there and enters a zone where the director is playing with our understanding of the story’s reality just as Sapan is trying to figure who’s real and who’s not.

Kunder shows amazing control in his direction. Kunder has written, directed, edited and scored for the film. Kriti is an out-and-out Shirish Kunder product and it has the slight out-there weirdness of his feature films. The film has an almost six-minute-long tracking shot, which might be Kunder just showing off, but it is well-handled and is actually the meaty part of the film.

However, while the story might be something like what Christopher Nolan would doodle on his handkerchief during a boring production meeting, Kunder’s treatment is 100 per cent Bollywood; zero subtlety. That way, his filmmaking style reminds one of the old-timey early 2000s Hindi filmmaking style where every twist and every reveal would come with a jarring music score. Nevertheless, Kriti is an interesting short film. Hopefully, it will be able to open doors for Shirish Kunder.

And Manoj Bajpayee. Obviously, his acting is phenomenal. He would have to be paid an exorbitant sum to act bad and Bajpayee goes back to the dark, psychotic zone of Aks and every twitch, every frown, every stare shows how far he has improved from his Satya and Aks days and the master has new tools in his arsenal now and call it wishful thinking, but we hope Kunder and Bajpayee do something new together, soon.

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