Myntra Refer & Earn Offer : Rs 300 Off Referral Code

Myntra has launched a rewarding scheme christened as Refer and Earn whereby you and your friend can earn some bonuses that can be redeemed while making orders.

Myntra Refer & Earn Offer Details

Myntra Refer & Earn Offer Details

‘Refer and earn program’ also known as ‘Look Good Together’ is an incentivizing scheme for both the old and new customers whereby the former is allotted with a unique referral code in his/her Myntra account which he/she needs to share with the latter. Old customer can share the code with his friends, relatives or acquaintances. When someone downloads the Myntra application in his/her smartphone for the first time and enters the referral code, then both the referrer and the new customer will receive Myntra points that can be used while shopping.

#1. Download Myntra app from here.

#2. Signup using referral code  fzxe1g to get Rs 300 discount voucher.

#3. If you are existing user, open app > swipe left sidebar > click on refer & earn option > simply share your referral code with friends who have never used Myntra. Check the screenshot given below to get better idea.

#4. Once he registers using your code, he will get 300 Rs myntra coupon.

#5. After his first purchase, Rs 100 off voucher will be awarded to you which can be redeemed after 30 days.

Detailed Terms & Conditions

How and when does the scheme work?

Basically it works only when you are acquiring new users to Myntra. The person should be installing the app for the first time in his/her device and should sign in with an email id that was never used to login/signup to Myntra. While signing up, the person needs to enter the referral code and as soon as he/she signs up, the points are credited to his/her account. However, the points get credited to the referrer’s account post 1 month of the order made by referee (new user).


How to redeem Myntra Points?

The points can be used whilst ordering via the app. The value of 1 point is equivalent to 0.50 Rs. So, suppose you have 2000 points in your account then that means you can get a discount worth 1000 Rs in your orders. Once you have added the desired products in your cart, you just need to click on ‘place order’ then click on ‘continue to payment’ to navigate to the payment page. After you land into the payment page, you’ll find an option of using Myntra points. Click on that option and you’ll instantly see the deduction in your order value according to the points employed.


How many Points are rewarded to Referrer and Referee?

Usually Myntra awards 200 points or 100 Rs to both referrer and referee when they successfully use the Refer and Earn scheme. However, occasionally or during festive seasons, it offers higher value of points. Sometimes Myntra offers points as high as 1000 Rs worth to both while sometimes referee might receive points worth 500 and referrer may receive points worth 100 Rs. Since offers change from time to time so before using the scheme it is always better to check the current offer from Myntra app.


How Many Points Can Be Claimed Per Order?

Your Myntra points can be claimed for any order. Points worth twenty percent of the total order’s value can be used for each order. For eg: Your order value is 1000Rs, then you can use Myntra Points worth 400 Rs. That means you’ll have to pay 800 Rs for the order. What is the limit of earning via Refer and Earn scheme? The referrer can invite copious of people, however, he/she can earn upto 4000 Rs through this program.

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