(Part 2 Live) OnePlus 5 Contest: Win OnePlus 5, Backpack, T-Shirts & Vouchers

OnePlus is back with new contest and this time its about their upcoming Flagship named OnePlus 5. OnePlus 5 is upcoming Smartphone with cool extra features by OnePlus which is going to be released in India on 22nd June 2017. They are back with a new contest named OnePluss 5 Blind Test where you can win Goodies, Freebies and even a OnePlus 5 Smartphone. Its similar to last OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest 

Update: Part 2 of this Contest is Live now, follow the given steps & participate to get One more Chance to Win OnePlus 5 & Other Freebies.

This is going to be Lucky Draw Contest where any participant can win OnePlus 5 Smartphone, OnePlus Backpacks & other Goodies or Freebies by OnePlus including

Discount vouchers. So this is interesting and less effort thing. Must participate & draw will be instant so you will win prizes instantly when you participate!!


OnePlus 5 Stock Photo Blind Test

In this Round, you just have to vote one image from given 4 images. This is the Photo Test of the best smartphones in the world – the OnePlus 5, Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 7 Plus, and the Google Pixel.

You just have to Vote one photo and you will get a Draw Ticket which you can instantly Draw and win Prizes listed below. Just follow the Steps Given Below to Start Participating!!

OnePlus 5 Blind Test is Divided into 3 Parts, each Part will be running for 2 days starting from 114th June till 20th June.

  • Part 1: 14th to 16th June [OVER]
  • Part 2: 16th to 18th June [LIVE]
  • Part 3: 18th to 20th June [UPCOMING]

In each part, use can participate and get a Lucky Draw ticket to Draw immediately after participating. Its going to be Lucky Draw so Winning Chances for Everyone are equal. So must give it a try and participate in all the rounds, its easy few seconds task, just have to vote.

Prizes to Win through Draw

Here is list of prizes you stand a chance to win after participating in the Contest. Its Lucky Draw so Prizes Winning Chances remains equal for every one.

  • OnePlus 5 Launch Tickets
  • OnePlus Never Settle T-Shirts
  • OnePlus Travel Backpack
  • OnePlus Travel Messenger Bag
  • OnePlus 5Accessories Coupons worth Rs 300 & Rs 150

Steps to Participate in OnePlus 5 Blind Test & Win Prizes

  1. First of All, Click the below given button to visit the OnePlus 5 Contest Page:


  1. Scroll down and you will find Vote to winbutton. Just click on it.

          Currently Landscape Part is Live, select it & Click on Vote to Win.

If you haven’t completed the first part then complete it ASAP.

  1.   You will be redirected to Login page. Just Login to your account at OnePlus or Signup. You can also use Google or Facebook to Login.

4. Now again click on Vote to win and you will see 4 Photos. Just select one photo of your choice and    tick mark the circle given below each photo


5, Then click on Confirm Your Choice  button.

6.As you submitted your Vote, you got your Lucky Draw Ticket. You will see Draw Now Button. Just click on it.

     7. Yippee, on the Spot it will Draw prizes for you and you get a chance to win prizes listed above.

You may/mayn’t win prizes. Its Lucky Draw. If you win any prize then just grab and claim it!!

8. Now follow this same steps and Participate in Part 2 of this contest which starts on 16th June. Same way you can win freebies in that part too.

Do comment below if you win any prizes. Let’s see everyone’s prizes!!

OnePlus 5 Stock Photo Blind Test Rules

  • The Blind Test is divided into three stages, June 14th to June 16th, June 16th to June 18th and June 18th to June 20th. Participants can vote for the best images and take part in a lucky draw, at all three stages.
  • All lucky draw coupons are valid until June 19th. Post this date, all coupons will expire.
  • The lucky draw entitles participants to coupons (automatically allotted by the system) to be redeemed at oneplusstore.in. Coupons for OnePlus gear can be redeemed on the payment of a mere Rs. 1. Monetary coupons can be redeemed directly at oneplusstore.in.
  • All winners of OnePlus gear and monetary coupons will receive details of respective coupons in their corresponding accounts within a period of 7 working days.
  • Winners who receive the coveted tickets to the OnePlus Launch as a part of the Lucky Draw should ensure that their physical addresses are factually correct, as the tickets will be shipped immediately.

OnePlus 5 Top Referral Challenge

You have to refer your friends to participate in OnePlus 5 Stock Photo Blind Test Contest. Top 3 People to Refer highest friends will win OnePlus 5 Smartphone each. ?

This may be difficult for normal people but still if you have good friends reach or good reach on social profile then you can give it a try.

BONUS TIP for Common People: If you think you can’t top the leaderboard then help us, share our link and refer your friends. If we win this time then once again we will have a big Giveaway for sure!!

Leaderboard Challenge Rules

  • From today until 20th June, share the Blind Test contest details on Facebook and Twitter with your friends. The top 3 users on our leaderboard each take home a OnePlus 5.
  • The top 3 users from our leaderboard can redeem their coupons against a OnePlus 5, on the payment of a mere Rs. 1, starting June .
  • The contest will be closely monitored. Any users found cheating will immediately forfeit any points / rewards accumulated .
  • The rank is updated on 9:30 am IST and 9:30 pm IST every day and ends on June 20th at 10:00 am IST.

So if you have any doubts then comment them below, we will help you out. Wish you Best of Luck for Lucky Draws!!


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