Pitch Perfect 3 STORY:

Pitch Perfect 3, When the Bellas decide to reunite for one last performance, they’re unprepared for the competition that awaits them.


Pitch Perfect 3 REVIEW:

A sequel to Pitch Perfect 2 and the final in the trilogy, Pitch Perfect 3 reunites the Bellas, an all-girl a cappella group for one last musical performance.

Although they’ve gone in different directions since the last installment, the Bellas — Beca (Anna Kendrick), Amy (Rebel Wilson) Chloe (Brittany Snow) and the rest of the motley crew — decide to participate in a contest where the winner gets a chance to be the opening act for DJ Khaled (playing himself).

Pitch Perfect 3

The other contestants, however, soon write off them off as a juvenile band with no real talent.

There aren’t as many funny scenes as you’d expect. The parallel story of Amy and her criminal father Fergus (John Lithgow) is sketchy and we wish director Trish Sie had explored more of it given the fact that she’s got a fine actor like Lithgow at her disposal.

While the ensemble cast does an okay job, Amy walks away with the funniest lines. Although the script comes across as slightly weak at times – how can Amy not know she has $180 million dollars in her account – the finale of the Bellas is top-notch, making you sing and sway along with them.

It doesn’t really matter if you haven’t seen any of the previous movies in the franchise — you’ll pretty much get the gist in first few scenes itself. Even if you’re a fan of the series and have seen the characters grow over the years, you don’t really find yourself rooting for the Bellas to win the contest.

Especially when it’s pretty obvious that the other groups are better than them. It’s also a little difficult to connect with the characters since Sie hasn’t sketched them out too well.

If you’re into the whole song and dance chick flick scenario, this could be a fun watch with your girl gang. The pitch might not be perfect but might appeal to fans of the franchise.


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