How To Play YouTube Videos Faster on Your PC Without Buffering

Play YouTube Videos Faster

Hello friends my name is Rahul and now i am sharing some simple tips to watching our favorite videos on YouTube is often the best pastime for most of us. And friends however, the most annoying thing to watch videos on YouTube is its extremely slow buffering speed.

Play YouTube Videos Faster

Friends, we often avoid wasting our mobile data or money and watch YouTube videos on Wi-Fi and however, it might not always prove to be fast. The most annoying thing of watching your favorite videos on YouTube is the buffering speed and it often happens that buffering take a much longer time than the length of the video.


However, here’s a trick that all YouTube should definitely try in order to Play YouTube Videos Faster without wasting time, data and money on buffering.

1. Download and Install SmartVideo YouTube Extension

All YouTube users need to do is download and install the SmartVideo for YouTube extension in their Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and other browser.


2. Additional Options on YouTube Will be Available

After installing the SmartVideo YouTube Extension, the user needs to play any video on YouTube, where there will be a list of options available and just move the mouse cursor in between Youtube videos, and you can see a small rectangular box popping up.

3. Click on Global Preferences

The user can simply click on the Global Preferences option reflecting at the right side of the video streaming, then can simply check mark the Smart Buffer Box available there.


4. YouTube Will Now Force Buffer Videos

After selecting the Smart Buffer Box, YouTube will force buffer any video that you watch. You can now enjoy high-speed video streaming without wasting time on buffering.


Drawback of This Method

This method can only be implemented on PC or desktop Unfortunately, mobile users whether Android or iOS can not use this technique right now so sorry friends.

Play YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering

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