SEO Trends in 2018

Search Engine Optimization ranks it way to different businesses that are employing a combination of proven strategies and new techniques in their marketing strategy.

As we can see on different search engines, the prominent aspect of the shift contributed over the past recent years have been developed in the search industry such as mobile search, social search, and voice search.

Different mobile applicants are also emerging today, and with the aid of SEO presenting these certain brands shows that SEO must continue to overcome in 2018.

To stay competitive on the digital marketing arena this 2018 and beyond, your business should keep an eye and learn more about the different SEO trends this 2018.


Here are some Top SEO Trends that you should consider:


  • The Rise of Digital Assistance This type of assistance is commonly equipped with voice recognition technology. These digital assistants are being currently used in different ways, such as conducting online search.
  • Succeeding with SERP Features SERP stands for “Search Engine Results Pages” wherein this new feature enhances the users experience to grab the searcher’s attention and get their much-treasured click these days.
  • The Mobile-First Index Companies that wants to keep up with the impending implication of mobile-first index can take advantage of existing platforms such as the Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages to make their website load up much faster.


These are just some of the trends that every company should consider when they are marketing their content online.

Check the infographic below by Digital Marketing Philippines and consider all these trends as you make your SEO strategy for 2018 and you will surely be able to improve your chances of ranking on the first page of SERPs in years forward.

SEO Trends 2018

Top SEO Trends 2018 You Should Know 

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