Signs How To Tell If A Vietnamese Woman Likes You

Making a Vietnamese girl like you is definitely a challenging job. It takes time and it raises a series of question marks. Now, figuring out if she has feelings for you is even harder. This is where most men fail to do things right. Knowing how to tell if a beautiful vietnamese women likes you is a process that takes time and involves paying attention to all kinds of small signs.

Things are even more complicated if you are a foreigner. There are cultural differences, as well as a few questions. Is she after my money? Is she only interested in a better life abroad?

In today’s post, we will be discussing the many different ways on how to tell if a vietnamese woman likes you. The following signs are present if a Vietnamese girl likes you:

1. Hair Playing

This is a classic and universal sign of interest. Nearly every single girl that has an attraction for you will play with their hair at some point in time. Now when I say play with their hair, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will actually play with it, although that also does happen.

What I mean is that she will touch it in some way. This may come in the form of her brushing her hair aside, adjusting her hair, or just twirling her fingers with her hair.

If you spot this from the girl and especially if her body language is open, then it’s pretty much a dead giveaway. However, you need to really pay attention though because sometimes it happens really quickly.

2. Smiling

This one is usually another good indicator that she is interested in you. Think about it, she’s not gonna be flashing that smile to every person that she meets. You’re giving her good emotions and causing her to smile unconsciously. Her smile at you is telling you that she is comfortable around you and is happy to have your company.

3. She talks a lot

Vietnamese society is patriarchal. It is led by men and women do not always have as many rights. If your girlfriend comes from an old fashioned or conservative family, her opinion has probably never really mattered.

If you are truly into her, let her talk. Make her talk and do not let her stop. If she keeps talking and she expresses her opinions and ideas, she is comfortable with you. This is an important breakthrough and will allow a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

4. She Laughs at Your Jokes

One of the easiest ways on how to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you is to see if she is laughing at your jokes. Girls that are into you will laugh at a lot of your cheesy corny jokes regardless of how good or bad they are.

You’ll know somethings up when no one else is laughing at your lame jokes but her.

She wants you to feel good and comfortable around her. Her laughing at your jokes is her way of trying to bond with you.

5. She asks many questions

Women generally ask lots of questions. However, things are a bit different in Vietnam due to its patriarchal status. Women do ask questions, but they will not go too far because they do not want to upset their men.

If a Vietnamese woman asks you all kinds of questions, she is probably into you. She will ask you why you are in Vietnam, how long you are staying, how old you are, whether or not you have a girlfriend, why you do not have one, and so on.

If you have ever dated online, these are the things you normally see on someone’s profile. She will try to determine whether or not you are husband material, so she is obviously into you.

One last thing here – if she asks you what you are doing now, she is probably up for a date.

6. She maintains eye contact

If a girl accidentally makes eye contact with you without being interested, she will look away. If she is into you, she will lock your eyes. The same rule applies in Vietnam.

Some girls will smile at you, while others will maintain eye contact with zero expressions on their faces. There is nothing wrong with you – they are just into you.

If she locks eyes with you while you walk away, she is practically begging you to approach her. If she stares at you without expression, she wants you and you have to approach her straight away.

7. Trying to Get Your Attention

Girls that are attracted to you will oftentimes make subtle attempts to try and get you to notice her.

8. Touching you

This one’s pretty obvious unless her profession requires her to come into contact with customers such as a doctor. She’s trying to break the touch barrier and build familiarity and comfort with you. It’s also an invitation to touch her back.

You may see touching in the form of her placing her hand on your shoulder, arms, back, etc or it could even be a playful type of touch such as her hitting you if you tease her.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, signs that a girl likes you are similar all over the world. In Asian countries, things are a bit different though.

It might seem more complicated in Vietnam, but you need to take all these signs into consideration. If they all match, she is most likely interested in having a serious relationship with you, so you can go ahead and make your move at some point.​

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