The Smoke Economy – How Big Tobacco Keeps Growing

How Big Tobacco keeps Growing

Less people are smoking, right? This must mean that tobacco companies are struggling to maintain the profits they once did. However, according to this infographic from purplebox tobacco companies continue to find ways to keep their profits healthy.

Even though the number of cigarettes sold in the last 15 years has dropped by 37% in the U.S, companies have increased prices – boosting cigarette revenue by 32% in 2016. The taxeson cigarettes in the U.S are still far lower than they are in places like the UK and Australia; allowing tobacco companies to enjoy continued success.

Just because less people are smoking in the U.S, it doesn’t mean the number of smokers around the world is reducing. There are around 1 billion smokers today and that is project to rise to 1.64 billion by 2025. Tobacco companies aren’t afraid to look to countries who are less educated on tobacco to keep the money pouring in.

Find out more in the infographic.

Tobacco keeps Growing


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    Awesome post and very valuable post ..

    And smoking is very bad for our health and for our society…

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