After Sunil Grover Quit, did Krushna Abhishek Just CONFIRM Being Part of The Kapil Sharma Show?

Krushna Abhishek and Kapil Sharma have been arch rivals for the longest time. There have been public mud slinging happening between the two comedians when both their shows were competing for TRPs.

Now, Kapil is going through a rough patch. Following his fight with Sunil Grover on a flight where he hit Sunil with a shoe, the latter has quit The Kapil Sharma Show. He didn’t report to the sets for shoot.

And it’s Krushna Abhishek who came out in support of Kapil. Not just that, there were rumours that Kapil also has got Krushna on board for his show. Krushna has finally given out an interview which might be the confirmation to the same.

Kapil Sharma

He told Pinkvilla, “I have never had any issues with Kapil. Kapil respects me a lot and so do I respect him. We must have had minor issues but never disrespected each other. I have never come across Kapil disrespecting me anytime. He never mixes up personal and professional issues. I don’t know why people are talking ill about him.”

When told about everyone quitting Kapil’s show, he said, “Koi baat nahi! It maybe that Kapil and I work together soon!” Well, is this a silent way of making it official? Your guess is as good as ours!


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