Sunny Deol Will Direct A Film For His Son Next Sunny Deola

Says Sunny Deol who will be returning to the theatres soon as Ajay Mehra in the Ghayal sequel which he has also produced and directed the original was released 25 years ago.

The last time we met, he was getting ready to kickstart Ghayal Once Again and a little over a year later, Sunny Deol announces that he’s 95 per cent through with his second directorial venture, which will release in the silver jubilee year of the original Ghayal.

He recalls that back in 1990, no one had believed in the film but he had liked the story and decided to produce it himself. He admits that little did he realise that it would become an iconic film. “There is no pressure of expectations as we are treating the sequel like just another film. I’ll be sitting in on the edit soon to see if my vision has translated on screen well and what else needs to be done before it is a wrap,” he says.

He’d wanted to make the sequel much earlier, thinking it would be interesting to revisit Ajay Mehra living somewhere in Mumbai, and see how he deals with today’s society.

“My vision was not in sync with that of other directors so I jumped into it myself. But producing and directing a movie takes time,” he sighs.

That’s why hasn’t taken Damini forward. “It was a well-written role, I’d have to work on the script for a year or two. May be someday, I can bring Arjun back, even if he’s 60 or 70 then,” he muses.

Sunny is hardly seen on screen, much to the disappointment of his fans. He sighs, saying he has two films ready and unreleased. “I don’t get into it with the producers, maybe it’s destiny,” he rues.

He is gearing up to direct his son, Karan, next. The script is locked. It’s not a sequel or a remake but completely original. “Both my sons, Karan and Rajvir, are training to become actors but they’re not developing six-packs. In our films the focus was always on building characters and not on building bodies,” he says.

While he produces and directs, Sunny is open to acting offers because, as he points out, they don’t need more than 50-70 days from him, and he doesn’t have to sit in on the scripting or editing. “There are a couple of films I may accept.

I am hungry for good scripts and characters I’ve never played before. I made some bad movies when I was trying to do what others were doing. The movies I’m remembered for are the ones that no one expected to see me in. I want to continue surprising myself and the audience,” he insists.

His dadis seen more often on screen than him. He admits that while Dharmendra is more social, he’s more conservative. “Dad loves to be out there, his fans love to see him, so why deprive them of the joy,” he smiles, pointing out that he himself has been busy with Ghayal Once Again for the last two years.


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