‘Superstar’ is a Touching Tribute to Family Values

For Dhruvin Shah, the big day has arrived. His Gujarati debut film ‘Superstar’ is all set to hit screens today in Mumbai and the young actor admits that he’s both excited and anxious.

“It has been my dream to have my Bollywood film release in theatres in this city. I think this is a small step towards accomplishing my dream,” he says.

Directed by Bhavin Wadia, ‘Superstar‘ has Dhruvin playing an actor, RK. The film, also starring Rashami Desai, is all about how certain incidents turn his life topsy turvy.

With a tight screenplay and foot-tapping music, the movie has been appreciated both by the critics and audience.

Family Values
Superstar’ is a Touching Tribute to Family Values

About why they chose to release the film in Mumbai, producer and Dhruvin’s dad Dakshesh Shah says, “The word-of-mouth publicity has done our movie a world of good. Gujaratis in Mumbai are keen to see the movie.

The film is in its eighth week in Gujarat and we’ve been told the run at theatres is being extended. This is an indication that good content will always be appreciated.”

So, what does he think is the USP of the film? “This is a story that everyone can relate to. Before release, we’d called it a youth film because both Dhruvin and Rashami are youngsters.

But then, everyone — from 18-year-old students to 81 year olds — started connecting with the story. It showcases the nature of Gujarati people.

I can’t speak for others, but with due respect to everyone, I can say that we always have this ‘let go’ attitude. Also, for us, family is priority.

The film showcases both these elements. The characters are real and that’s one of the main reasons why the film has clicked,” Dakshesh says.

The movie is also important for Dakshesh because it’s his son’s launch vehicle. So, is he taking extra efforts to promote it? “No amount of publicity can help a film if the performance and story is bad. We put all our efforts while making the film.

We haven’t compromised on any aspect. And today, I can say that I’m a proud father because Gujaratis have accepted him as a hero. The film is also being remade in Bollywood by Sundeep Sidhwani and I couldn’t be happier.”



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