Why Tarot Readings Are More Effective Than Therapy

Tarot is believed to have originated somewhere around the 15th century, not as an art meant for fortune telling, but as a recreational activity to amuse people. However, today it is associated with mystic practice and considered a form of divination reading to get some invaluable insights on everyday issues and life problems.

Although, Divination practices have always received a cold shoulder from the prominent modern scientific and evolution-based psychology societies, all through the history. The common consensus of the intellectuals all around the world is that there is no room for anything parallel in science, it has to be based on facts and evidence.

But again, the same societies disregarded the idea of the solar system, psychology, evolution, and even gravity.

Why Tarot Readings Are More Effective Than Therapy

So, when it comes to Tarot reading, in a very general sense, it is a way to anticipate prospect circumstances based on intuition and the state of mind one is in. You don’t need facts for that! It is way more complicated than the fundamentals of science. One of the many reasons why it similar to psychology.  Also, Astrology plays an important role in the reading of the cards.

The spread in tarot often looks like a constellation. But the question remains, which one is better? And even if it is, then by what degree it is ahead of the other? A science that focuses on the mysteries of the human mind and how it affects behavior or practice as a tool to explore the conscious and the subconscious for forecasting possible circumstances.

Tarot reading as a scientific means to aid one’s perspective may not have won the due acknowledgment it deserves, but from an individual’s viewpoint who seeks answers to problems, it is indeed very popular. Tarot is a psychotherapeutic tool that shows what transpires in the future. It is an extension of one’s thoughts and inner feelings, ergo leaps and bounds ahead of the regular therapy.

Let’s check out how Tarot Card Reading is so compelling:

Positive Psychology:

Tarot corresponds to positive psychology because it strengthens the underlying values that stimulate happiness. In doing so, one realizes what it means to have a great life, i.e., one that is purposeful and satisfying.

Deeper Understanding of Oneself

In a regular therapy session, you get to discuss yourself for only a few minutes and that too for the sake of beginning or, maybe the clinical expert at your disposal has no other option to know about your current emotional stance than having it told by yourself.

At Tarot it’s nothing like it. It is going to be all about you. Tarot helps you supplement your inner self and get a profound understanding through archetypal images.


Unlike psychiatrists who are pledged to stay unbiased and refrain themselves from getting emotionally attached to any of the querents, Tarot readers are often known to be healers.

So, a significant part of what they do include offering empathy to the individual. Being kind and compassionate to the subjects is their primary agenda.


A Tarot session might not necessarily require you to speak as much because everyone who wishes to know about himself and the potential future, can’t be verbally comfortable. Tarot is more about feelings and intuition, so a symbolic representation is more helpful to the cause. Each symbol on the card is a message from the higher self and the universe.

Tarot in itself is a symbolic prophecy that has plenty of meanings and explanations within. Every specific card with a unique set of imagery catches one’s attention more so than anything else which in turn helps it get more involved.

Tarot Reading
Tarot Readings More Effective Than Therapy


Synchronicity is terms of Tarot relates to the fact that what one believes would happen, will happen. It’s a strong statement that needs a cautious interpretation. Unlike a psychiatric session where you have a human opinion regarding literally everything.

Tarot on the flip side underscores what you believe. After a Tarot reading, things that you’ve learned will have a surprisingly lasting impact on you as everything you hear is coming from your subconscious and the universe itself.

Tarot is much more than just fortune telling, or a quintessential therapy where you end up feeling better. It brings you closer to yourself by pointing to things, events, places, and people that have consciously, unconsciously or subconsciously have crossed your mind.

It’s like a vision board where you can paint your imaginations and turn them into reality by building a strong intuitive connection with your higher self.

Tarot Readings More Effective Than Therapy

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