Ten Creative Garden Wedding Decoration Ideas

Tying the knot is one of the most important milestones of your life and naturally, you want it to be flawless. Since no bride is less than a princess in their very own way why not go for a fairy-tale wedding! And more so because you can create the right ambiance for that just in your backyard amidst the plush greenery.

There is something very timeless and special about the rustic weddings. The subtle details, the natural setting, and the overall feel all contribute to creating an incredibly whimsical and romantic vibe. This is especially the case with the summer months.

For a pristine garden wedding, you can choose from a plethora of themes and styles ranging from chic and simple to glamorous and rustic. From the dreamy displays to the flamboyant outdoor settings, there is something about garden weddings that is so exclusive that you will not find it anywhere else.

Here are some of the sweetest luxuries ranging from the eclectic sounds to the charming backdrop that will help the event to stand out. This list of garden wedding ideas will help you to create the wedding of your dreams without making a dent in your pocket. Just read on.

Beautiful Garden Wedding Entryway

You can create a warm welcome, by opting for a signage made from boxwood leaves. These are available around the year and you can use sculptural topiaries for framing the doorway.

Garden Wedding Decoration

Flowery Guest Invitations

As you have planned to organize the wedding in the lap of nature you should imbibe a natural touch in your invitations. For example, you can opt for floral invitations. Use a plethora of soft pastel shades and also craft the soft details with the watercolor. The shades like pink, turquoise, light blue or sea green go especially well with the summer and spring weddings.

Piano at the Outdoors

If you are planning live music in your wedding then this is a great choice. You can go for a one-man piano show. You get here to play anything from the Billy Joel songs to the very famous Wedding March that you love best. Unique, romantic and pure music to the ears these are. You can also adorn the piano with candles and green creepers. Apart from the musical serenity, this will also enhance the décor of the ceremony.

Rustic Arch Ceremony

Adorned with flowers and draped in linen, a wooden arbour does become a chic and splendid setting for a grand wedding. This will not need much and will give the event the coveted look without much of an investment.

The Seats with Shades

The outdoor weddings definitely have more perks to offer than you think but it is imperative to offer the guests some relief from the harsh rays which will help them to stay cool and happy. You can go for the classic white umbrellas that will go with your wedding décor and at the same time will give the guests the much-desired shed on a sun-filled day as you exchange the vows.

Communal Table Splendour

If you are using longer communal tables in your ceremony you must ensure that the guests do not feel cramped and be comfy. You should decorate the table with centerpieces that are pretty and separate one side from the other. You should ensure each table is set far apart from each other to make room for the guests.

Countryside Aisle Maker

Bouquets tied to chairs and stacked candles are quite in vogue for the aisle décor. But the floral aisle makers are the latest in trend and you will fall in love with it. You can use delicate floral arrangements lined in planters for boosting the milieu of this event further.

Let There be Light

If the outdoor reception is going to continue after sunset then you have to think about the best lighting of that area. You can string lights throughout the table and they look beautiful on photos as they can create a mystical setting.

Garden Wedding Decoration

Ostentatious yet Natural Decor

You can stand out with floral garlands draped around the erstwhile and majestic trees. This is very romantic and it does eradicate the requirement of intricate floral designs elsewhere.

Apt Refreshments

You should provide the guests with a refreshment bar so that they can restore their energy by sipping in as you exchange the vows. Before heading towards their seats, you can ask the guests to grab the glass. You can make the arrangements near the ceremony so that the attendees face no trouble grabbing the drinks. As a bonus, you can include playful straws.

Not to Forget the Personal Touches

From the engagement shoots, you can hang printed photos on the string lights. As your guests mingle in between the tables they will love to look at the photos and it is very easy to amp up the creative quotient of your big day this way.

The above are some of the offbeat as well perky garden wedding ideas that you can take into account for organizing dream event. Apart from the above, you should opt for the right wedding furniture hire that will accentuate your wedding ceremony décor and will help you create the fairytale wedding amidst Mother Nature that you have always craved for.

Creative Garden Wedding Decoration Ideas

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