These 7 Facts Why Is It Unhealthy To Cross Your Legs While Sitting?

If you are someone who crosses her legs or puts one leg on top of the other, while sitting on a chair, then you need to make yourself aware that this habit could be harming your health!

Many times, we practice certain habits on a daily basis, consciously or unconsciously, that can be affecting our health in either a positive way or a negative way.

Well, there are many such habits or daily practices that we follow, which could be making us unhealthy so, it is important to gain knowledge about some of the common habits and how they can affect our health, in the long run.

So here are some facts on what happens when you sit cross-legged and how it can affect your health.

#1. A survey has estimated that over 60% of the general population, especially women, have claimed that they do sit cross-legged, as they feel it is comfortable.

Unhealthy To Cross Your Legs

#2. A recent research study has found that sitting cross-legged, or with one knee crossed over the other, can drastically increase the blood pressure of the body.

Unhealthy To Cross Your Legs

#3. The research study has said that the reason for the increase in blood pressure when people sit cross-legged is because the blood in your legs has to work against gravity to be pumped back to the heart!

Unhealthy To Cross Your Legs

#4. When you cross your legs, one leg is higher than the other, so it makes it harder for your blood to circulate, thus increasing the blood pressure.

Unhealthy To Cross Your Legs#5. In addition, sitting cross-legged can also cause back pain and neck pain in many people, because the posture would not be ideal as your hips are in a twisted position.

#6. Experts say that sitting cross-legged for more than 15 minutes can also cause temporary numbness of your legs and back, and in the long run, it can even lead to stroke.

Unhealthy To Cross Your Legs

#7. In women, sitting cross-legged for a long time can also lead to vaginal yeast infection, as there is no circulation of fresh air to the vaginal region when you are sitting cross-legged.

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